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Business Department

Students' scientific circle (hereinafter – SSC) is the basic structural unit of SaRD organization in the department. Organization of work in such circles includes research on current and problematic topic. Students’ scientific circles of the Business department is a form of scientific activity of students of the University to expand scientific capacity and skills of research activities of the students in their free time or specially allotted time. SSC is a form of organization of scientific work for students, which is expressed in engaging students in science, assistance in selecting the scientific direction for scientific meetings, hearing and discussing the reports on them, participation in students’ and other conferences. Creation and development of favorable conditions for the formation of professionals by intensifying research activities of students, their participation in the research is conducted by faculty and the "Business” department; providing opportunities for each student to implement their right to the creative development of the individual in accordance with his abilities and needs is the main purpose of creating these scientific student societies. Since 2012 there have been three students’ research circles at the Department:

«Free Programmers», Chettykbaev Ruslan Kayratovich, a senior teacher in the Business department, operates as a part of students' scientific communities of the "Business, Law and Pedagogy" school. The creation of the student association allowed to expand students' knowledge in the field of modern information technology, consolidation of theoretical knowledge obtained during theoretical studies. The student association consists mainly of students majoring in "Information Systems". As a part of the «Free Programmers» scientific circle students took part in competitions in programming, scientific conferences and seminars, both on local and international level. Under the supervision of R. Chettykbaev and with the direct participation of «Free Programmers» implement interaction with schools. This cooperation is aimed at developing and improving students' knowledge in modern information technologies. On the basis of this cooperation a project programming courses is being implemented in school №24, where senior and junior students (9-11) are going to study "Programming" in future. Also, in collaboration with the Uvarov high school and club «Free Programmers», a project to create a web-portal was designed to assist students in preparing for UNT ( Club members also participated in professional development seminars.

"Tourism", supervisor is a senior teacher of the Business department, Stepanova Maria Vladimirovna. Work of the circle is organized in accordance with the curriculum. The training program includes theoretical and practical lessons.
         At the workshops, students have acquired skills:

  • organization of insurance and self-insurance in overcoming natural obstacles;
  • guidance on the hinged crossing;
  • organization of a crossing, using a pole, ropes, wading;
  • work with primary and secondary rope: knots binding.

In accordance with the curriculum, as a part of the work on the regional study, sightseeing tours were conducted, including historical and architectural monuments of antiquity and modernity, visiting museums, architectural objects.On weekends, one-day hikes took place, in which students acquired tourist  skills and had an opportunity for sight-seeing hometown.Tourist scientific society has the following objectives:

  1. to expand and deepen the knowledge of geography, history, biology, life safety, on tourism and orientation, the acquisition of skills in the work with a map, compass, pre-hospital care, to ensure survival in extreme conditions, familiarity with the problems of ecology and conservation.
  2. to foster the love of the native land, respect for the surrounding world, the ability to behave in a collective sense of respect and cooperation, the development of managerial skills.
  3. physical perfection made in accordance with sports categories of tourism and orientation, participation in tourist meetings, competitions and campaigns in paramilitary games. Formation of self-reliance and volitional qualities in any situation, in various emergency situations.

Upon completion of the program, students should know the basics of tourism, basic concepts and terms of tourism, the basics of topography and orientation, the basics of survival in extreme situations. Also they must be aware of the pre-hospital care. Know the theoretical bases of the acquired knowledge to apply it in practice. Know the different ways to overcome natural obstacles, the main historical and geographical information about the native land. Should be able to: select, describe and explain the essential concepts of tourism, define the terrain, plan and map the distance, direction, azimuth, elevation points. Be able to find the necessary objects on the map, on the ground, move on roads, trails and terrain, own techniques of self-insurance, to overcome various obstacles and be able to correctly apply the tourist sites. Be able to make out a report hikes and excursions, organize field welfare and distribute products, provide first aid and transport the victim correctly.
Live in field conditions, be able to choose their place of lodging, build shelter from scrap materials, to produce and to kindle a fire and cook, collect water, filter dirty water, make observations, experiences, experiments, overcome fear, be prepared for unexpected situations. Should get the skills of orientation in nature with a compass, a compass, a map, without a map, using the stars and with the help of natural landmarks and day and night. Map reading skills of different content, skills, and participation in competitions at various levels and skills of leading healthy lifestyles, cooperation and mutual assistance. The result of the study of tourism is a  fully developed, healthy person.

"Study on the financial and economic activity in the conditions of modern Kazakhstan", the head is a senior teacher in Business department Mamyrbekova Dinara Samarkanovna. This circle combined first, second and third year students of majoring in "Finance", "State and Local Government" and "Economy". The direction of the circle is a professional adaptation of students and enhancement of their professional competencies, including support for the activities of student scientific society. The main purpose is involvement of students in the management of education, research and innovation activities of the university, the integration of students in the professional community, enhancing their professional competencies, the development of career paths and career counseling on labor and financial markets, as well as the creation of conditions for the disclosure of the creative abilities of students; promote professional growth and intensify the involvement of youth in science. During the creation of the student circle were as follows:

  • promotion of scientific activities in student circles, schools, social networks, in accordance with the principle of the unity of science and practice, the development of interest in various studies;
  • engaging students in science at the earliest stages of training in high school, as well as attracting entrants and students to participate in research projects and labs;
  • stimulation of innovative students activity, providing the output of specialists who are ready to work independently, as in the professional field as well as in business, high-tech business, management, demand on the labor market;
  • implementation of the results of scientific creativity of students in publications, in the implementation of the science, practice and education process;
  • promotion of youth research and innovation projects.






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