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Speech on innovations and new technologies at the meeting of the East Kazakhstan Regional Council

May 14, 2015, "Altai" industrial park, Ust-Kamenogorsk

For more than 20 years Kazakh-American Free University has been conducting research on the transfer of new water treatment technologies. The cooperation with international partners from Russia and Germany, who have already had experience in the implementation of these technologies in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, allowed our scientists to efficiently adapt such technologies to the environmentally troubled East Kazakhstan Region.

At one time, with the active support of the regional akim, V. Mette, we successfully implemented a joint project, according to which the "UK-Vodokanal" enterprise achieved the following results:

  •                      provided an effective treatment of urban waste water from the activated sludge by dosing of reagents in automatic mode
  •                      • solved the problem of removing unpleasant atmospheric odors

In its turn the Yubileino-Snegirikhinsky mine provided the following actions:

  •                      • performed laboratory work and research to clean up mine water from the solid metal oxides and other colloidal particles
  •                      • Identified and suggested the most appropriate and acceptable for the given enterprise reagent grades and geomaterials for storing solid waste in geotubes. (In 2012, the work in the amount of 1 million 200 thousand tenge was carried out).

But all this is the data of the past years. Now the situation is different. The companies are not going to use new technologies to solve environmental problems in the region. For example, "Vodokanal" itself again continues to pollute the city atmosphere with odors, causing the people’s resentment and complaints. But the KAFU scientists offer today a range of modern, cost-effective technologies suitable for the East Kazakhstan enterprises.

First, for energy, mining and metallurgy sectors, chemical and food industry and agriculture they offer the technology for separation of solid and liquid phases in the purification of all types of water (mining, sewage, drinking and storm waters). It may interest such enterprises as Kazzinc, Kazakhmys, Akzhal, Zyryanovsk, Zhezkent, Irtysh, Nicholas processing plants.

The second is not less effective innovative technology for filtering and dewatering mine deposits. It can significantly increase the degree of purification of mining water as purified "crystal" water is discharged into rivers for the reverse cycle use.

The same technology is applicable for storing or further processing of the solid residue as raw material for metallurgical production, water treatment plants, livestock farms, etc.

As you can see, all these innovative technologies that have been tested by the civilized world are ready to be used. However, without the support of the regional akimat and willingness of interested companies, without taking the harshest measures this problem cannot be solved. The enterprises should be put in such conditions when it is more profitable to finance the introduction of new technologies, rather than pay the government substantial fines for environmental pollution.



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