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International accreditation ACBSP (USA) / Institutional and specialized accreditation IQAA (Kazakhstan)


Аcademician`s reputation

Erezhep Alhairovich Mambetkaziyev – member: of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, International Academy of Higher School, International Academy of Creative Work, International Academy of Acmeology, International Academy of Mineral Resources, International Academy of Informatization; honorary professor of University of Kentucky (USA), University of California (USA), Honorary Doctor of Sciences of  Atlantis University (USA); Doctor of Chemistry (defended thesis at Moscow State University, 1981), professor, Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the 12th convocation (1993-1995), honorary citizen of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Chairman of the “My City” social fund, member of the Assembly of Kazakhstan People, bearer of the “Parasat” order. He developed and initiated many innovations and reforms in education, and science, implemented and approved by the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They include: tests, the “Bolashak” presidential program, trilingualism, regional and private universities, third University in Kazakhstan(East Kazakhstan State University, after Kazakhstan State University and Karaganda State University), Kazakh American Free University, 5 regional university (Pavlodar, Akmolinsk, North Kazakhstan, Taldykorgan, Atyrau), giving the statues of national universities to L. Gumilyov Eurasian University, K. Satpaev Kazakh National University; consolidation of universities under the aegis of one Ministry, introduction of the associated professor and professor titles, Bachelor and Masters Degrees into practice, establishment of the eastern brunch of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, East Academy of Higher School, international relations (“TASIS”, “Tempus”), initiation of interconnection between business and science, and business and education. 

E. Mambetkaiyev is a founder of Kazakh school of electrical chemistry of coordination compounds, wrote 650 scientific works, including monographs, and textbooks. Many of his works were republished in America, Russia, China, and Mongolia.

KAFU President E. Mambetkaziyev is constantly in action. It is not so easy to see the member of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan just seating in his office. Professor is always heading for new heights. Being a chemist, he doesn`t trust to abstract words, and relies only on successful experiments. He is occupied only with perspective projects. His intellectual potential and creativity are inexhaustible. His new ideas and non-standard decisions always impress people. He pays his attention not to position and titles, but to actions.  For him, lifework is education. He found his mission and stays true to it. If we accumulate all his titles and awards, we can conclude that the best word to define his personality is devotee. Because only real devotee is able to defend doctoral thesis at Moscow State University, rise from the ranks of assistant to the Minister of Education. Dr. Mambetkaziyev lectured at the universities in England, Belgium, America, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Yugoslavia, South Korea, and China.  He created the third state university in Kazakhstan, and the first university of international partnership – KAFU. E. Mambetkaziyev is the author of a number of innovations, dedicated to reformation of higher institutions system, and science, successfully implemented in the whole republic.



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