Kurmangalieva Almira


Kurmangalieva AlmiraKazakh-American Free University Ust-Kamenogorsk Kazakhstan

Nowadays the market of labor is very competitive. Each specialist should be prepared for the coming changes in our country. In developing highly qualified specialists it is very important criteria to have an internship in big companies. The Kazak American Free University gives a unique opportunity to students to have a business experience in United States of America. Knowledge and experience that we have given in America are very actual today in Kazakhstan. As a future managers and leaders of 21-th century we should think which of good experience, that was tested by years in America, could be applicable to the economy of Kazakhstan.

My summer business immersion program was in Portland city, State of Oregon. I had an internship in different big leading companies like US Bank, which is one of the fifth leading banks in USA, Ticor Title Insurance, the business works on insuring the ownership on real estate properties, Carl W. Foster, CPA LLC, the company provides services on accounting and taxation for private businesses, McCormick&Schmick’s public company seafood restaurant chain, there are about 65 restaurants all over United States, the company issues stocks and bonds on a stock exchange market.

On a contrast I had a business experience in small businesses. One of them is Marshall Commercial Funding, the mortgage broker business. The company uses resources of big companies (like Banks and different funds) for giving loans to the clients. It was very interesting to work with founder of the company and to get information not only about organizational structure and business mechanism, but also to know about his emotional experience and what kind of forces and time it took to build the Funding. During the time I was there I came up with an idea of possibilities to work world wide, especially in Asian region. The idea is to provide Kazakhstan big and small businesses with investments from American side. I found out several strong arguments, which support the idea:

1. Our government is trying to bring investments to the economy. That is why it is one of options to support governmental programs and bring resources to the regions.

2. Our local banks provide loans with high percent of returning 16-18% in KZ, 6-9% in USA; you can see the difference in 9-10%

At the same time there are a lot of problems to realize the idea: corruption, low protection, lack of information about local businesses, lack of trust to the country and many others.

But with the help of university we can solve one of the problems, which I think main one is lack of information. I want to present the idea and suggest opening a center in KAFU, which would work on preparing presentations for American business people and provide them with the information about local businesses and governmental policies. It means to be a link between local entrepreneurs and foreign investors.

If the center works, it would give an opportunity for many KAFU students to be involved in this process. This project supports the win- win strategy, where all involved parts are only winning from cooperation and relationships. And of course the realization of this project would increase not only prestigious of University, but also would bring prosperity for local businesses and at the end the whole country.

I’m glad that I had an opportunity to go to America and to come up with the great ideas, which can bring prosperity to Kazakhstan.

2006 year