New Victory for Students of International Relations Major


On May 15, 2020, students of "International Relations" educational program took part in the International Internet Olympiad organized by the "Solnechny Svet (Sunlight)" International Pedagogical Portal (Krasnoyarsk, Russia).

Following the results of the Olympiad, our students took the following prizes:

-1 place in the nomination "Country Studies: About the Peoples of the World" was taken by a 3rd year student Deni Hadzhiev, under the leadership of Candidate of Historic Sciences, Associate Professor, L.P. Turova

- 1st place in the nomination “Historical Persons: George Washington” was taken by a third-year student Anna Vyatkina, under the guidance of a Senior Lecturer, Ye.N. Yegorenkova

- 1st place in the nomination “Country Studies: USA” was taken by a 4th-year student Alexey Demchenko, under the supervision of a Senior Lecturer M.N. Tazhieva

Congratulations to the winners and their supervisors!

Department of Law and International Relations