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Research work is dedicated to development of KAFU students` intellectual abilities. Unser of the present conditions, research work is considered to be one of the main parts of educational process. These conditions include:

  • Insufficient level of social and physical infrastructure for educational and research process;
  • Alteration of the role of education, as now it is viewed as social and pedagogical institution, and scientific, and industrial base in general.

It arouses the necessity of purposeful preparations, aiming to educate multicultural person, having good command of several languages. Ability to speak native language and Kazakh, studding of foreign language, knowledge of country`s history, and history of peoples, leaving in it are presupposed by curriculum at higher education institutions, research and extracurricular work.   
The main aim of students research work is providing optimal scientific, methodological, organizational, personnel, information and other conditions by the administration and faculty of the university for development of effective integrative system of education in the university. It is beneficiary for the personality of a student, professional and social adaptation of future specialists, remarkable for their multicultural, moral, and intellectual qualities and therefore competitiveness. Creative target audience, in its turn, must be able to settle and solve comprehensive tasks, taking into consideration high civic and moral standards, basing on use of national traditions, and latest world experience in education.
   Aims of students research work:

  • Improvement of the status of education in the society by means of researches;
  • Development and consolidation of university`s educational functions;
  • Development of democratic style of educational process management, with special emphasis on teaching students’ self-government, and cultivation of their leadership qualities;
  • Improvement of international and interethnic communication culture among students;
  • Shaping of valuable attitude to reality, i.e. language, culture, history, customs, religion, etc.;
  • Forming of humanistic principles, content and mechanisms of moral and civic education;
  • Brining up respect to rights of children and youth, according to the Declaration of Human Rights;
  • Creation of the system of pedagogical, psychological, medical and social help to students;
  • Increase of professional level of educational process management and ensuring of the system of collaboration between the university and social institutions;
  • Expanding of theoretical knowledge of administration and faculty, concerning research work of students under the current conditions, its aims, goals, content, forms, methods and means;
  • Improvement of ethnopedagogical outlook of administration and faculty, destroying of indirect views about Kazakh, nature of arts, culture, and customs of the Kazakh people;
  • Training and retraining of specialists on the ethnopedagogical issues of education.

Within foregoing aims and goals, the university holds annual Weak of Science on all areas of training. The best students’ works are published in the “Vestnik KAFU” state scientific journal. KAFU students undergo professional internship in major organizations with international relations such as: Kazzink LTD, Ulba Metallurgic Plant LTD, Titan and Magnum Plant LTD, the AES company and others. Some diploma papers are done to order of enterprises and considered scientific projects, put into practice. 
Best diploma and final papers are considerable scientific researches, included into collections of best works annotations, initiated by the departments. This is not only one of the students research work form, but also professional work of advisors, raised students research works of applied and fundamental nature on high level.




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