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Scientific Editions

For KAFU main priority in research work promotion is issue of “Vestnik KAFU” state academic journal.  The journal is recorded in Kazakhstan, and has been issued since 2005, till 2012 was in the list of journals, recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The next priority is «KAFU Academic Journal»; the journal is published starting 2005 and registered in the USA in 2008.

“Vestnik KAFU” is issued 6 times a year and includes the following categories (articles are accepted in Kazakh, Russian, English):
First issue is “Educational Technologies”. Articles themes include general issues of education, e-technologies in education, pedagogics and teaching techniques,  psychological issues of education, education at KAFU, issues of education and health, education and ecology, etc.;
Second issue is “General Issues of Philology”. Articles themes include language teaching techniques, interrelations between language and culture, general philology, etc.

Third issue is “Economic Issues of Education and Society”. Articles themes include management and marketing, system of quality management, crisis management, finances and taxes, general economic issues, other aspects of social and economic issues, and also issues of ecology and health;
Fourth issue is “Political and Legal Issues of Education and Society”. Articles themes include civil law, family law, administrative law, state governing, criminal law, law of criminal procedure, international law, law of foreign countries, labor laws, tax law, other aspects of political and legal issues. 
Fives issue is “Psychological Issues: Personality, Education, Society”. Articles themes include law psychology, social psychology, general psychology, pedagogical psychology, clinical psychology, political psychology, psychology of personality, etc.

Sixth issue is “Issues of Ecology, Mathematics, and Information Technologies”.  Articles themes include ecological monitoring, industrial issues, issues of communal ecology, relevant issues of mathematics and teaching techniques, applied aspects of mathematics and informatics, development of information technologies.

“Vestnik KAFU” are presented in the Regional Technical Library, Pushkin Regional Library, East Kazakhstan Center for Scientific Technical Information, Refional Akimat, National Book Chamber, National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Library of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. “Vestnik KAFU” has e-version that is presented at the web-site. Journal is in the Kazakhstan citing base.

«KAFU Academic Journal» is published once a year; articles are accepted only in English. Journal is recorded and cited in the Library of Congress (USA). Editor in chief is M. Christensen. Journal is international scientific edition. Journal includes for categories: “General Issues of Education:, “Issues of Translation and Intercultural Communication”, “Issues of Law”, “Business Administration and Development of Society”. Web-site of the journal is



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