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Iinternal Quality Assurance System

At KAFU, an Iinternal quality assurance system is available, documented, implemented and received in working order. KAFU IQAS is in constant development, ensuring a high level of education in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) (Approved at Ministerial Conference in Yerevan, May 2015)


a) the processes necessary for the internal quality assurance system and their application throughout the organization are defined. The list of processes required for KAFU IQAS, definitions of the university management system strategic priorities;

b) the sequence and interaction of the IQAS processes is determined. This is the result of identifying the basic attributes of the processes (goal, entry, exit, process owner, etc.).

c) the criteria and methods necessary for monitoring, evaluating and measuring (where possible) the efficiency of processes, their analysis and improvement are defined.

d) the availability of the necessary resources and information necessary for the management of the IQMS process and their monitoring is ensured. For these purposes, the KAFU budget is being developed;

e) monitoring, measurement and analysis of the IQAS processes are carried out on a regular basis.

e) on the basis of data analysis, the necessary measures are taken to achieve the planned results / parameters and continuous improvement of these processes.

The process management is carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and legislative documentation, internal requirements of KAFU, as well as in accordance with standards and guidelines for ensuring higher education in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Some KAFU IQAS processes have been outsourced. These processes include: catering and medical care. However, these requirements do not affect the conformity of products (the results of educational services) with the established requirements. In any case, for such process will be provided control.

Mapping KAFU IQAS processes

- management process;

- the process of a resource providing;

- processes of the product life cycle;

- processes of measurement, analysis and improvement.

Monitoring of customer satisfaction is carried out in accordance with the schedules approved by the president of KAFU, as well as in order to conduct research of various kinds. As the main monitoring methods, specially designed questionnaires and tests are used. The process of testing and questionnaires is carried out by the central institutional research of KAFU.



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