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Institutional Research Center



KAFU Institutional Researches Center involves monitoring and examination of the major problems of psychological culture within the university, as well as conducting a broad spectrum of institutional research.

Main Aspects of Work

Analysis of the numerous problems posed and faced by students and teachers, shows that, for all their diversity, they boil down to three main points:

  • Identification and elimination of the causes of various kinds of difficulties in the educational process with the students of different age groups and professions;
  • Overcoming and prevention of the problems of personal, professional development and social interaction;
  • Assistance in dealing with complex issues in conflict and crisis situations (personal and group).

Main Working Principles

  • Confidentiality;
  • Classical theoretical andmethodological framework used in the methods and techniques;
  • Participation in the work only of trained psychologists with classical higher education in psychology.

Types of Work

  • Institutional research;
  • Diagnosis of the level of development of psychological culture and all of its components;
  • Corrective, develops, preventive work with psychological problems of subjects of public relations;
  • The study of the socio-psychological climate and interaction in groups;
  • Group counseling;
  • Training work;
  • Ensuring the success of the management of the educational process;
  • Teaching students of psychology psychological methods of assistance;
  • Psychological education and improvement of the socio-psychological competence of teachers;
  • Organization of students.

Additional Forms of Center`s Work:

  • Data collection with research or practical purposes (psychological diagnostic, observation, experiment);
  • Individual counseling;
  • Group counseling (group remedial classes, training);
  • Workshops to raise the overall level of psychological culture and its components;
  • Functioning of video club (watching movies, psychological analysis of events, the characters' personalities to form a picture of the various manifestations of psychological culture and its absence);
  • Conducting contests and competitions among students of psychological faculty, and for other specialties to evaluate and develop ideas about the basic concepts of psychological culture;
  • Business games;
  • "Mail of trust";
  • Practical training at the Centre;
  • Research Laboratory;
  • Setting up stands to promote and improve psychological knowledge;
  • Systematization and analysis of data;
  • The development of manuals and guidelines.
  • Center aims to realize the long-term priorities:
  • Improve overall psychological culture of employees and students;
  • Carrying out monitoring and analysis aimed to improve the System of Quality Management of the university;
  • Psychological support for staff and students;
  • Participation in career-oriented activities;
  • Provision of advisory services to all stakeholders.





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