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Corporate Ethics

Teachers` Academic Policy

This academic policy is a list of rules and procedures, aiming to enhance the efficiency of the teacher`s work organization, quality of work and satisfaction, as well as help to improve the whole educational process.

  1. Teachers must provide the complete and qualitative educational services to students. Therefore, teachers have no right to be late for class, miss classes and let students before the allotted time for classes.
  2. There are classroom and extra curriculum classes. The teacher must be present in the workplace in accordance with the schedule.
  3. KAFU staff teachers should actively participate in the preparation, organization, and work with the results of Orientation Week for teachers and students. Orientation Week is held in the last week of August and first week of September.
  4. Staff teachers should be involved in training activities and improvement of pedagogical skills (seminars, lectures, conferences, trainings, workshops) on the base of KAFU and other organizations.
  5. Teaching compulsory disciplines should be based on the main textbook. If the teacher cannot select the basic textbook, he must develop his own study guide.
  6. Teachers should provide students with syllabus at the first day of classes. Timely provision syllabus provides effective student work and quality of extra curriculum classes.
  7. In view of KAFU image as the university of international partnership, with the aim of focusing on current issues in the fields of politics, economy, culture and society, teachers are encouraged to include work with periodicals (discussion papers, news review, etc.) in the list of discipline tasks for the students.
  8. Active professional work of teachers outside the university in order to acquire additional practical experience and professional development (consulting / advisory activities, internships at the company, participation in professional associations, the provision of translation services, etc.) is recommended.
  9. It is recommended to use interactive methods of technical training in the classroom and.
  10. Teachers are required to take part in the work of various committees and commissions to improve the training and support processes.
  11. Teachers in their professional work must adhere to requirements of the Code of Ethics of the teacher (KAFU Catalog for Faculty).
  12.  At the end of each discipline, teacher evaluates each student. Teacher must review the questionnaire to assess the course and take into account its main components in the design, planning and conducting lessons.

Appearance of the teacher must be neat, tidy and aesthetically designed in business style. Appearance is determined by clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, jewelry, and their harmonious combinations.



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