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Сompetition "The best teacher of the university"

Annual University competition called «The Best Teacher of KAFU - 2018» which is aimed at promotion of the education quality, creative initiatives and faculty’s professional mastery supporting, as well as encouraging of the best teacher took place in Kazakh-American Free university since March 1 to April 25, 2018. Participants were full-time university teachers who have worked in the relevant position for at least three years. 

 The selection round was conducted in accordance with the regulations on the competition until February 1, 2018. Candidates for the title of «The Best Teacher of KAFU - 2018» submitted documents which characterize the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the teacher activity during the reporting period.

The second tour was conducted in the form of demonstration open classes in which the basic competencies of the contestants were assessed.

The jury determined the winners on the basis of two stages:

the 1st place – Kairat Oralhanovich Alembaev, PhD, Associate Professor of «Law and International Relations» Department;

the 2nd place – Victoria Nicolaevna Nepshina, PhD, Associate Professor of «Business» Department;

the 3rd place – Asem Nurlanovna Nurlanova, PhD, Head of «Pedagogy and Psychology» Department;

the 3rd place – Didar Muratuli, Master of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of «Business» Department.


K.O. Alembaev, PhD, Associate Professor of «Low and International Relations» Department, had open practical class on the topic of «Qualification Peculiarities of Certain Types of Criminal Offenses».

Criminally-legal qualification peculiarities of certain types of criminal offenses were discussed in the framework of designated topic and current Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Open practical class contributed to the development of skills in applying criminal law in practice, consolidation of knowledge of the content and differentiation of the criminal offenses composition in accordance with a special part of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acquisition of practical skills of orientation in questions of qualification of criminal offenses, as well as delimitation of adjacent criminal offenses. In the course of the classes were used such methods and techniques of work as explanation, reproducing and backbone conversation, discussion, interview, compilation of formal logical model, solution of situational problems, etc.


V.N. Nepshina, PhD, Associate Professor of «Business» Department had open practical class on the topic of «Crypto-Currency as Threat of National Financial Security of the Country».

The main goal of the class is formation of discussion skills and development of independent critical thinking. It was achieved through the use of modern interactive methods and forms of education, one of which is the debate. Two teams were formed for the participation in the debate:

1) the first team argued for the need to use crypto-currency and its advisability in the country, as well as discussed the minimum risks and maximum effect of its using;

2) the second team argued that Kazakhstan is not a place for crypto-currency because of its great risks for citizens and the complexity of monitoring its movement by the National Bank.

The use of the popular innovative and pedagogical technology of the debate by the teacher helped to solve a whole complex of tasks facing modern education, because this technology helps to form critical thinking, skills of systematic analysis, independent position and argumentation art.


A.N. Nurlanova, PhD, Associate Professor of «Pedagogy and Psychology» Department, had open class on the topic of «Bukharzhyrau».

Open practical class is about creativity of Bukharzhyrau, Kazakh Zhyrau and the most prominent representative of Kazakh oral poetic creativity. Tolgau Bukharzhyrau touched on all the topical issues of his time and tried to answer them in his songs. Although his work dates back to the XVIII century, the problems that Zhyrau touches in his works are relevant to our days (human values, state-to-man attitude, humanistic ideas, etc.).

Students have prepared a film about Bukharzhyrau creativity, analyzed his compositions from a modern point of view and read their own poems. This form of work is aimed at applying theoretical knowledge in practice, addressing various sources of information, the preliminary independent work of the student for training on the topic of class. The teacher summarized the results of the class by applying criterial estimation on Bloom’s taxonomy. 

The competition was held on a high organizational and methodical level. Teachers who attended classes had the opportunity to study the best methodological experience of their colleagues, to improve professional skills and abilities and to familiarize with the modern student-centered technologies of education.   

Video materials of the classes held within the framework of the competition are prepared by students of the 1st and the 2nd courses of «Journalism» major and available by the reference: youtube KAFU


D. Muratuli, Master of Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of «Business» Department, had open laboratory class on the topic of «ArduinoUnomicrocontroller».

The main goal of the open laboratory class was to formulate skills of using hardware-software tools for creating simple systems of automation and robotics.

Digitalization has long been an integral part of our daily lives. Questions of artificial intelligence, digital economy, cybersecurity, crypto-currencies, blocking technology certainly concern every citizen of our state. «Digital Kazakhstan» Program adopted in December 2017 sets quite clear objectives for the education system. An important role in this regard is given to robotics. Feature of the open laboratory class is the integration of ArduinoUno microcontroller into the development of the own project that is a machine robot with software control.

Reproductive methods and method of project protection were used in the course of the class. Students presented two projects on the topic of the previous class and were evaluated according to various criteria. Modern methods for testing tasks based on Android operating system were used during the class.




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