City University of International Partnership / State license АБ 0137478
International accreditation ACBSP (USA) / Institutional and specialized accreditation IQAA (Kazakhstan)

Honorary professors

Nursultan A. Nazarbayev

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, First Honorary Professor of KAFU

Marshall Christensen

PhD in History Head of KAFU`s Board of Guardians President of the Co – Serve International organization.

Thomas Goetsch

President of the E2 Educational Services organization, USA

Daniel Harrison

Vice-president of the Intervarsity organization, USA

Philip Lu

Head of the E2 Educational Services Council

Hugh Hallman

J.D., Mayor of Tempe, USA

James Cozetto

Director of the Marshall Christensen Fund, USA

Lew Worrad

President of the Iden Ministries organization, Kanada

James Moore

Entrepreneurship Teacher President of the Moor Sewing Center network, USA

Clarence Stumpf

Director of the Marshall Christensen Fund, USA

Craig Byrd

Director of the Marshall Christensen Fund, President of the Byrd Financial Group, USA

John Maring

Director of the Marshall Christensen Fund, USA

Charles and Phillies Nielsen

Warner Pacific College professors, USA

Patrick Mitchell

PhD in mathematics, former engineer of the INTEL company, USA

Sandy Couch

Professor of the Russian Language at Arizona State University, USA

William Bontrager

ДJ.D., judge (Indiana, USA)

Robert Roebuck

Professor of Management, Ex-president of the Jergens corporation (Canada)

James Evenson

Professor of entrepreneurship, Master of Business Administration

Kairat Zakiryanov

Rector of Kazakh Academy for Sport and Tourism

Aidar Mambetkaziyev

KAFY rector, PhD

Rick Smith

Representative of the "СЕНIМ ОРТАЛЫҚ АЗИЯ" (“Senym Ortalyk Asia”) organization in Kazakhstan

Bonnie Smith

Professor of the English Language, the "СЕНIМ ОРТАЛЫҚ АЗИЯ" (“Senym Ortalyk Asia”) organization

Fyodor Lobanov

Director general of the “New Technologies Plus” limited liability company, Moscow Firs vice-president of the Berlin brunch of the International Informatization Academy Member of the Higher Informatization Academy of Ecological Council of State Duma of the Russian Federation

Charles Ferguson

Master of Arts of Colorado State University, Author of the “Indomitable Spirit” book, Professional speaker, president of the “Andrew” Fund Managing director of “Trimtab Alloance”, USA

Wolfgang Lausch

President International Informatization Academy, Germany

Wolfgang Schwetlik

Vice-President International Informatization Academy, Switzerland

27  Michal Marsh

       Professor of Willamette University, economist, USA


 Geoff Guilfoy    

Professor of Willamette University, USA


Brain Young

Entrepreneur, head of the department at the Perry & Young, Inc., USA


Lawnae Hunter

     public figure, entrepreneur, member of the «Co-Serve» Board of Guardians, USA

Andrea Cook

      PhD, President of Warner Pacific College

Samuel Lee Dunn

      Professor, Northwest Nazarene University, USA




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