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Е. Мамбетказиев

Yerezhep Mambetkaziyev

Ye. Mambetkaziyev initiated establishing of Economy and Arts International Higher College. Being the rector of S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University (1984-2003), Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1993-1995), and having support from President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev, he implemented his project, and created the first high educational institution of international partnership in the Republic of Kazakhstan that got the status of university in 2001.

«International partnership is more than planning and strategy. That is mutual trust, interest and respect.»

Marshall Christensen

Head of KAFU`s Board of Guardians, American supervisor of the university, founder of the Marshall Christensen Fund, president of the «Co – Serve International» organization, Distinguished Educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«Our unique partnership crosses cultural, geographical, political, economic, linguistic and other barriers. It is proved to be dynamic and efficient for innovations in education, and students development. KAFU is a striking and vivid educational model.»

Маршалл Кристенсен
Том Гейтч

Thomas Goetsch

President of the ” E2 Educational Services ” organization, organizer of Bachelor and Master students’ practical training in the USA.

«In 1997 Marshall Christensen invited biotechnologist Philip Lu and me to the meeting in Portland. I had the honor to hear Dr. E. Mambetkaziyev and D. Ballast`s speeches about establishment of American business programs at Kazakh-American College. Their views on such programs were very persuasive and attractive. Their confidence in future was obvious. Undoubtedly, Dr. Mambetkaziyev wanted to provide students in Kazakhstan with better and modern education. He would like to give them an opportunity to establish good relations not only to countries in close proximity to Kazakhstan, but also with Europe and America.»

Daniel Ballast

Daniel Ballast has the position of American vice-president since Economy and Arts International Higher College was established in 1994. Now he is also vice-president of the «Co – Serve International» organization, and Distinguished Educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«Kazakh American Free University is a real phenomenon in education. Since it was established in 1994 more than 300 teachers from America, Canada, Great Britain and Australia have collaborated with the university. Thanks to unprecedented level of cooperation and friendly relations between Kazakhstan and North America, it is truly of Kazakh and American nature. Now it is one of the leading universities, providing world standard education in Eurasia.»

Дэниел Бэлласт
Хью Л. Холлман

Hugh Hallman

Mayor of Tempe (Arizona, America). H. Hallman visited Ust-Kamenogorsk in 1993 with the first American delegation. Since that time he has friendly relations with E. Mambetkaziyev. Mr. Hallman had a position of Dr. Mambetkaziyev`s counselor. He is Distinguished Educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

James Evenson

James Evenson has been involved with KAFU from its inception. James led the first foreign delegation to Ust-Kamenogorsk in 1993. Since receiving the initial proposal for international cooperation to create the university, James has been an advocate and ambassador for, and an advisor to the leadership of KAFU. James serves as International Vice President. Professionally, James owns and oversees multiple companies in the Private Equity world.

Джеймс Ивенсон
д-р Дэниел Харрисон

In memory of Dr. Daniel Harrison (1941-2003)

As a vice-president of the “Intervarsity” organization, Dr. Daniel Harrison was in charge for concluding an agreement of cooperation with Economy and Arts International Higher College in 1994. Later Dr. D. Harrison worked as the present of the International Leadership Development Organization (Evergreen, Colorado, the USA).

Kairat Zakiryanov

Kairat Zakiryanov worked as the rector of S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University in 1994-1995. As a part of this university, Economy and Arts International Higher College was established. Now he holds rector position at Kazakh Academy for Sport and Tourism.

Кайрат Закирьянов