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Students Academic Policy


Students` Academic Policy

This academic policy is the list of special rules and procedures, aiming to favor the effectiveness of educational process organization, quality of education, create environment for students personal development.

  1. Students must attend all classroom training according to the schedule. Students who miss school for valid reasons, have the right to hand in the material without assessment reduction. Students, who missed school without a good reason, can also hand the material in, but with assessment reduction, percentage is determined by the teachers in syllabus.  Let arrival to class is strictly prohibited. In case of delay of less than 10 minutes, the student may be allowed to enter the classroom only with the permission of the teacher. In case of delay of more than 10 minutes, the student is not permitted to enter, and the class is considered to be missed by the student without good reason. In the case of missing of more than 50% of classes without a valid reason, the student is required to take this course again.
  2. Students should be prepared to independent extracurricular work. Under the loan program, one hour of classroom work (50 minutes), a student must spend at least two hours as extracurricular work that causes his thorough preparation for classes. If a student has questions, he should contact the teacher for the relevant explanations and advice during the supplementary work with teachers.
  3. Any form of cheating and plagiarism is prohibited. In case of discovery of cheating during examinations, tests, student`s work will not be accepted. It is prohibited to download term papers and thesis from the Internet and to use all sources of literature, periodicals, online resources without proper guidance references. Only those written works will be evaluated that have been tested through the system and confirmed by the Anti-plagiarism certificate.
  4. Students must be neat, tidy and attractive. Appearance of the student is determined by: clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, jewelry, and their harmonious combination. It is unacceptable to come to the university in sportswear, beachwear, sunglasses, hats, clothing with plunging neckline and a high slit. In general, the appearance of the student must meet the requirements of KAFU`s status.
  5. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones, players, the Internet during the class.
  6. To smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs and foul language in the university is prohibited. In case of violations, a penalty of 3 minimal estimate indicators will incur. In the case of repeated violations, the dismissal of the student will be considered.
  7. Students are expected to participate in the extracurricular activities of the university actively: i.e conferences, sporting events, competitions, student clubs, holidays and other events.

This students` academic policy is valid for the entire period of training at KAFU. In case of changes and additions, the document will be re-executed.




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