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Galina Konopyanova

Конопьянова Галина Ахбаевна

Work Experience and Qualifications

  • 2010 – present – First Vice-President of KAFU.
  • 1998, 2010. – Dean of “Business Administration” major of KAFU, Associate Professor of “Business” department.
  • 1993-1998 – from Research Trainee to Assistant Professor of EKSU.
  • 1990-1992. – Engineer of Laboratory of Economic Research of All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy (VNIItsvetmet).
  • 1989-1990. – Engineer – Rationer at “Ceramics” factory.

Scientific Degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences. In 2003 defended thesis for degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences in major 08.00.05 – Economics and National Economy Management (by branches and spheres of activity) at the Kazakh Economic University named after T. Ryskulov.

Academic Rank: Associate Professor in major 08.00.00 – Economics. The academic title was awarded by Committee for Control in Sphere of Education and Science of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  • In 1989 graduated with honors Moscow Institute of Management named after S. Ordzhonikidze.
  • Major: Economics and Organization of Production Management.
  • Qualification: Engineer-Economist.
  • In 2006 graduated KAFU.Major: “Jurisprudence”, Academic Degree: Bachelor of Jurisprudence.

Additional Education, Basic Forms of Professional Development

  • Internship at Yerzhest University (Turkey) November 1992 – March 1993 (certificate).
  • Internship at George Fox University (USA) in February 2008 (confirmation letter from Marshall Christensen Foundation).
  • Seminar “Financial Leadership Development Program” of KAFU Leadership Training Center on October 16-18, 2006 (certificate).
  • Seminar “Training for Trainers” of KAFU Leadership Training Center, November 27-29, 2006 (certificate).
  • Seminar “Bologna Process. Conducting Procedure for External Evaluation of Universities with Institutional Accreditation” of National Accreditation Center of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan on November 27-28, 2008 (certificate).
  • Round table “Tourism and Hotel Business: Development of Industry and Professional Education”, conducted by KAFU together with Education Department of East Kazakhstan region 14.12. 2010 (certificate).
  • Seminar “Realization of Main Principles of Bologna Process and Introduction of ECTS System in Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan” State Enterprise “National Center for Education Quality Assessment” Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 30.12.2010 (certificate).
  • Professional Development Program of KAFU “Quality Management in Education”, 30.05. 2011 (certificate).
  • Master class, KAFU, “Coaching, Leadership and Capacity Development”, 14.09.2012 (certificate).
  • Master Class KAFU “Economic Production as Business Strategy”, 14.09.2012 (certificate).
  • Сourse of KAFU Corporate Leadership, 04-12.03 2013 (certificate).
  • Master class KAFU, Managing Student Performance with Computers, 04/26/2013 (certificate).
  • Master class KAFU «Business Valuations» 25.04. 2013 (certificate).
  • KAFU seminar “Developing Self-Assessment Criteria for Improvement of Servant Leadership Standards” 02.10. 2013 (certificate).
  •  International Scientific Seminar “Economics of Knowledge as Mechanism for Formation of Sixth Technological Order”, organized by Kurgan branch of the Institute of Economics of  Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) on September 16-21, 2013 (certificate).
  • International Scientific Seminar “Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Economics as Science”, organized by Kurgan Branch of the Institute of Economics of Russian Academy of Sciences (Ural Branch) on September 23-28, 2013 (certificate).
  • KAFU master class “Global Thinking and Modern Quality Management” 27.09. 2013 (certificate).
  • KAFU master class “Effective Methods of Making Managerial Decisions” 27.09. 2013 (certificate).
  • KAFU  Seminar-Training “Certification of Management onsulting” September 28, 2013 (certificate).
  • Seminar of DAMU Entrepreneurship Development Fund Practical Course of Accountant. Accounting of Simplified Taxation, 30.12.2013 (certificate).
  • Seminar of DAMU  Enterprise Development Foundation “Taxes and Inspections”, 30.12. 2013 (certificate).
  • Seminar of Career and Personality Development Center of KAFU “Modern Trends in Business Education” May 26, 2014 (certificate).
  • Seminar training of KAFU Leadership Training Center “Strategies in Marketing: Making Decisions in Accordance with Consumers” 28.05. 2014 (certificate).
  • KAFU master class “Quality Assurance in Business Program Accreditation” on September 19, 2014 (certificate).
  • KAFU mater-class “Economic History from 1970 to 2010: Development and Prospects of Basel Agreement” on September 19, 2014 (certificate).
  • KAFU master class “Influence of Globalization and Free Trade in Modern Society”, September 25, 2015 (certificate).
  • Seminar on Thomson Reuters Resources for Scientific Research 07.10.2015 (certificate).
  • Master class of KAFU “Business and Humanities: Issues of Teaching Business in Humanitarian Institutions” on March 26, 1026 (certificate).
  • Seminar of EKSTU named after D. Serikbayev “Changes in Tax System of Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016-2018” 08.04.16 (certificate).
  • Training on Program “Improving Skills of Managers and Managers in the Field of Economics for Implementation of Business Connections Project under Unified Program for Support and Development of Business” Road Map-2020 “of Corporate Training Center” IEIT KBTU “on September 19, 2016 (certificate).

Consulting Activity

LLP “East-Techno”, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2007-2016, consulting activities for the development and implementation of the company’s financial strategy.

Participation in Conferences for the Last 5 Years

  • II Forum of Young Scientists of KAFU, 2012.
  • III Forum of Young Scientists of KAFU, 2013.
  • IV Forum of Young Scientists of KAFU, 2014.
  • V Forum of Young Scientists of KAFU, 2014.
  • International Scientific Congress of KAFU on “Innovative Development: National Priorities and International Experience”, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2016.
  • 6th International Conference “Actual Economy: EurAsian Discourse in Global Challenges: ACE.EA-2017”, January 26-27, 2017, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Membership in Various Communities and Professional Organizations

  1. Member of ACBSP organization (USA), 2007.
  2. Academician of International Academy of Informatization (Germany), 2013

Read Disciplines

“Organization and Planning of Scientific Research”, “Research Management”, “Corporate Governance” (advanced course), “Ethics of Business Administration”, “State Regulation of Economy”

Language Proficiency

  • Russian ;
  • Kazakh;
  • Turkish;
  • English.

Awards and Rewards

  • Medal named after A. Baytursynov, Association of Higher Educational Institutions of Republic of Kazakhstan, 2014.
  • Diploma from akim of East Kazakhstan region, 2014.
  • Diploma from akim of Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 2004.
  • Diploma from akim of Ust-Kamenogorsk city, 2016.