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Student service center

Student service center

Student Service Center (hereinafter - SSC) was established on September 1, 2017 by order of the KAFU President of No. 53 of August 31, 2017.

The main task of the SSC is to create the conditions for timely and efficient service on the principle of "one-stop shop" in order to improve the culture and quality of the services provided to students.

SSC is located at the address: Ust-Kamenogorsk, M. Gorky St. 76, office 123 (1st floor, right wing), phone 8-7232-50-28-89,


The main functions of the SSC:

1. Preparation and issuance of certificates, statistics on the movement of students.

2. Acceptance of applications, registration, consultation of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, parents.

3. Preparation and issuance of certificates, extracts from orders and other requested documents for students who graduated and expelled students, undergraduates, doctoral students.

4. Accounting for the contingent of students in the forms of training, educational units and types of payment for training.

5. Preparation of orders on the movement of the contingent of students (enrollment, transfer, restoration, academic leave, change of surname, etc.).

6. Preparation and sending personal files to other universities upon request.

7. Processing and storage of personal files.

8. Issuance of archival copies and documents, in accordance with incoming requests, preparation of the necessary certificates based on the information available in the archive documents.

The list of services provided by the student service center:

1. Issuance of certificates;

2. accepting applications for the restoration of previously expelled students;

3. accepting applications for the restoration of previously expelled students from other universities;

4. accepting applications for the transfer of students from another university;

5. accepting applications for the transfer of students to another university;

6. accepting applications for transferring students to another educational program / specialty or form of training;

7. acceptance of applications for changing personal data;

8. acceptance of applications for academic leave;

9. acceptance of applications for return from academic leave;

10. acceptance of applications for deduction of their own free will;

11. acceptance of applications for the issuance of a certificate of incomplete education (academic certificate);

12. issue of documents from personal files;

13. accepting applications for a hostel, issuing directions



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