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Regulations on the Spartakiad

Regulations on the holding of the XVI Spartakiad of the KASU 2019-2020 academic year.

  1. Goals and objectives:
  • promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • identification of the strongest athletes of the CASH REGISTER;
  • involvement of young people in regular physical education and sports, as well as involvement of teachers and university staff in health-improving mass events and a healthy lifestyle.

2. The program of the Spartakiad:

Types of competitionsМFCountDates of the eventVenue
1Volleyball881610.11.2019(м)14.11.2019 (ж)Sporthall KAFU
2MiniFootball101025.04.2020Sporthall KAFU
3Ping pong33615.04.2020Sporthall KAFU
4Basketball10102005.12.2019 (ж)08.12.2019 (м)Sporthall KAFU
5Togyz Kumalak33618.03.2020Sporthall KAFU
6Chess33618.03.2019Sporthall KAFU
7Spring Cross551005.05.2020Embankment named after.Slavsky (Stella)

Management of the competitions.

The general management of the preparation and holding of the Spartakiad is carried out by the organizing committee. The direct management of the competition is entrusted to the judging panel.

The chief judge of the Spartakiad is E.A. Mambetkaziev.

Deputy Chief Judge – V.A. Tsyplakov.

Senior judges by type:

  • Futsal – Poltorykhin A.I., Toleukhanov K.T.
  • Spring cross – Tsyplakov V.A. Zhuravleva E.Yu.
  • Basketball – Poltorykhin A.I., Tsyplakov V.A.
  • Volleyball – Toleukhanov K.T., Meirambekuly N.
  • Table tennis – Toleukhanov K.T., Zhuravleva E.Yu.
  • Togyz kumalak – Meirambekuly N., Poltorykhin A.I.
  • Chess – Poltorykhin A.I., Sadykov K.Z.

4. Participants of the competition.

National teams of the faculty – “Business, Law and Pedagogy” are allowed.

  1. 1st year of the Faculty of Business, Law and Pedagogy – 1 team
  2. 2nd year of the Faculty of Business, Law and Pedagogy – 1 team
  3. 3rd year of the Faculty of Business, Law and Pedagogy – 1 team
  4. 4th year of the Faculty of Business, Law and Pedagogy – 1 team
  5. 1-2 course American program – 1 team
  6. 3-4 course American program – 1 team
  7. KASU College
  8. KEF College

5. The competition system.

Competitions are held according to the established rules of sports.

  • Cross – 500 m – girls, 1000 m – men. 1 shift – 15.00. 2 shift – 10.00.
  • Basketball – teams are divided by lot into two subgroups, play in a round-robin system. After the group stage, the teams will play elimination play-off games.
  • Futsal is an Olympic elimination system.
  • Volleyball is an Olympic single–elimination system.
  • Table tennis – the team result is counted in the standings.
  • Togyz kumalak – personal result is counted as a credit.
  • Chess – a personal result is counted as a credit.

6. Determination of winners.

The team championship in the Spartakiad is determined by the highest amount of points scored by teams in all sports of the program, according to the following table:


7. Awarding.

The teams that took the first places in sports are awarded with diplomas and prizes.

The teams that took 2nd and 3rd places are awarded with diplomas. The team that took 1st place in the overall standings of the Spartakiad is awarded with a rolling cash register cup.

8.The costs associated with the competition are borne by the CASU.

9. Applications.

Registered applications, certified by the CASU doctor, are submitted to the judging panel for sports the day before the competition.