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Международные программы

Individual Internet-based English tutoring (IBET)

Индивидуальные занятия изучения английского языка через Интернет (IBET)

Co-Serve International Language Consultants (CILC) is a division of Co-Serve International, a charitable organization in the U.S. State of Oregon that works to foster quality education and leadership development around the world.  Co-Serve International understands that language learning is a vital pre-requisite for participation in its international educational programs.  As such, Co-Serve International has developed Co-Serve International Language Consultants (or "CILC"), as a way to provide language training and language programs in the countries where they work. 

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Online education

Дистанционное обучение

Application of online learning as a new and efficient technology in the field of education is rapidly developing in Kazakhstan. Many higher education institutions are in the process of creating conditions for the development of distance online education.

KAFU is actively implementing new technologies and approaches in its educational process. Starting in 2003 KAFU students have been able to earn credit by taking online courses at American universities such as Indiana Wesleyan University (Indiana), Seattle Pacific University (Washington), LeTournaeu University (Texas) and Ohio Christian University. The online courses included International Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship and others. 

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Education through Business Immersion Program

EBI – Education through Business Immersion is a unique educational program developed and operated by Co-Serve International. It provides students with an immersion experience in the American business environment. It is available to KAFU students through the grants of the university, Co-Serve International and other partners. The participants spend three weeks in American companies, observing business practices and participating in real projects, provided a personal mentor and supervisor

The geography of the program is diverse and over time has included: Portland (Oregon), Seattle (Washington), Chicago (Illinois), Evansville (Indiana), Austin (Texas), Hartford and Avon (Connecticut).

Additionally, participants have a chance to visit such well-known international companies like Intel, Medical Teams Internationals, AKT accounting firm, US Bank Corporation and others. On weekends students have time for sightseeing and a variety of cross-cultural experiences. During the program all students are hosted by carefully selected American host families.

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International Servant Leadership Program

General Description
The International Servant Leadership Program (or “ISLP”) is a unique program operated by Co-Serve International (formerly the Marshall Christensen Foundation) of Portland, Oregon, USA.  The ISLP is developed specifically for university students and faculty with the goal of impacting future leaders of countries.  The ISLP is highly competitive and is offered to students and faculty who already demonstrate significant leadership potential.  Students and faculty in the ISLP participate in a two-year process that includes the following four key components: Principles Course, Mentor Program, Summer Academy and Demonstration Project.

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