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Visiting professors


The constant presence and direct contact with the "native speakers" provides the necessary language environment, where, along with Russian and Kazakh, English is an essential component in conversational background.

Every year, along with highly qualified Kazakh specialists of the University who have been trained in the United States, the dozens of university professors from America, Canada, Europe, Australia, experienced practitioners in the field of management, law, information systems, conduct lectures and seminars for students of our University.

It is a comparative analysis of the content of educational process, achieved through collaboration with foreign experts in order to develop training plans and programs of courses, and a thorough study of the most difficult problems that allow our university to build an educational system based on international standards and criteria.


The list of invited foreign lecturers and specialists

William Alloway

Cornell University, professor

Bradley Utterback

Master of Business Administration

Charles Buzzard

English teacher, professor

Nancy Barton

Dallas Theological Seminary, professor

Sarah Bieler

Concordia University, professor

Pucket Blake

Doctor of Juridical Science, University of Wale, professor

Lou Blakeney

President of the Corporation for plastic production 

Bonnie Smith

Home - Texas A&M University, Dow's corporate executive

Ellen Bontrager

English teacher, professor

Christian Brauweiler

PhD, Professor, University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau (Germany)

Lisa Burton

Ohio State University, professor

Walter Burwell

Researcher of the Fulbright Foundation

Bernardine Ballast

Certified English teacher, professor

Daniel Ballast

KAFU Vice-President, professor

Lee Weber

Founder of Weber Properties, a real estate broker

Marsha Verhey

University of Chicago, professor

William Bontrager

Doctor of Law, Indiana University, judge of the Supreme Court of Indiana, professor

Nadya Virolubovich

Master of Science, professor

Lew Worrad

President of Eden Ministries

Marc Jurit Warrad

Certified English teacher, University of Toronto

David Woodward

President of the American Cultural Exchange Organization

Joshua Goetsch

Technical director of the educational organization E2 Educational Services

Thomas Goetsch

President of educational organization E2ES, professor

Geoff Guilfoy

Willamette University, professor

Mara Golson

English teacher, professor

Dag Christgau

Director of the Church of Avon international program, professor

Lois Dunn

Master of Science, University of Wisconsin, professor

Samuel Dunn

Professor and administrator of Northwest Nazarene University

Jeremy Leib

English teacher, professor

Timothy Jones

US Peace Corps volunteer, professor

David Johnson

Senior Vice President, Service Master Corporation

Timothy Johnson

Tax inspector of the Deloitte & Touche company

Kevin Jones

Indiana Wesleyan University, professor

David Dewbey

PhD, professor, department head of the University of Liberty

Karlygash Yermukhan

Director of the “Rtveli” Ltd. (Georgia), professor

Charles Sugner

Manager of engineering and management consultant

Julie Ingof

English teacher, professor

John Carman

Head of the company

Richard Carpenter

Doctor of Law, professor

Geoffrey Kwong

Director of the pharmacological hospital

John Kim

University of Texas, professor

Kathy King

National College of Education, professor

Stanley Clark

Manager of the company's securities Duffy Kardvell, Clark and Clark

David Knauss

Director of the "Knaus Executive Coaching"  company

Martin Cody

Leadership Academy, professor

Troy Collar

Pepperdine University, professor

Richard Coulson

Vice President for Technical Issues of Intel Corporation

Josef Costa

Peace Corps Volunteer, professor

Stanford Couch

PhD, professor of the Russian language, State University of Arizona

Steve Krugs

University of Birmingham (England), professor

David Christensen

Master of Business Administration

Karl Christensen

PhD, dean of the University Northwest, professor

Marshall Christensen

PhD in History, Head of KAFU`s Board of Guardians, President of the Co-Serve International organization

Thomas Quilliam

California State University, English teacher

Roland Cave

President of Holtikultural Uers Inc.

Thomas Leister

Washington State University, professor

Tony Lanza

Founder of the company «Principal and Managing Partner"

Arthur Levin

Peace Corps Volunteer, professor

Edward Jeremy Liba

University Northwest, English teacher

Wendy Lynn Martin

Judson College, Professor of Economics

Adam Lichi

"Microsoft" company programmer

Fyodor Lobanov

PhD, professor, Director general of the “New Technologies Plus” limited liability company (Russia)

Dennis Laman

Cornerstone Academic College, professor

William Landge

Lawyer of the "Landge Holdings Inc." firm

John McKelvie

Director of design companies network

Peter McKenn

President of the McKenn Corporate Consulting

Lew McRoery

Sales Manager of US Steel

Ian McLennan

University of Western Ontario, professor

Carol Marque

Specialist in teaching English, Regional Office of English language training, the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, professor

Michael Marsh

Willamette University, professor

Heather Murphy

Peace Corps Volunteer, professor

Chris Mitchell

PhD, professor, Wheaton College

Yaroslava Mitchell

Co-Serve International organization, English teacher

Dawn Maulder

Vice-President of the University of Chicago

Gordon Morley

McMaster University (Canada), professor

Морли Филис

McMaster University (Canada), professor

Clifford Moon

Founder of the Moon Construction company

James Moore

Entrepreneurship Teacher President of the Moor Sewing Center network

Phillies Nielsen

Warner Pacific College professor

Charles Nielsen

Warner Pacific College, professor of social sciences

Rebecca Norwood

Austin College, professor

Bruce O'Bryan

Marketer, entrepreneur

Amos Owen Thomas

PhD, professor, Griffith University

Anthony Palamara

Peace Corps Volunteer, professor

John Parr

PhD, professor of the Electrical Engineering Academy

Judith Parr

University of Evansville, professor

Karen Parchman

Consultant on debt issues, coach

Patrick Mitchell

PhD in mathematics, Washington State University professor

Lars Peterson

Director of student programs, educational organization E2, professor

Maria Peterson

Director of student programs, educational organization E2, professor

Eveline Peterson

Ohio State University, professor

Kathleen Pearson

State Park collaborator, Oregon

Samuel Pearson

State Library collaborator in Salem

John Peters

PhD, Professor of Sociology, University of Wilfrid Laurier

Lars Petersson

Dallas Theological Seminary, professor

Tanya Plaza

Online Marketing Specialist

Donovan Platt

Radio reporter

Olga Platt

Technical maintenance manager

Willard Pottinger

McMaster University, professor

Andrew Predoehl

Virginia Polytechnic Institute, professor

Rogers Rider


Bill Russel

Doctor of Law, professor

Nancy Russel

Northwest Nazarene University, manager

Glenn Repp


Robert Roebuck

President of the Association of business organizations, professor

Janet Elaine Roberts

Judson College, professor

Kathreen Rhodes

Brown University, professor

Erik Rothoff

Rensselaer University, professor

Gary Smith

Rensselaer University, professor

Dan Smith

English teacher (Australia)

Rick Smith

Director of educational organization SENYM, Ust-Kamenogorsk

Taylor Solway

Cambridge University (Great Britain), English teacher

Jim Spivey

Master of Business Administration

Carol Stiles

Director of the Educational Foundation "Cent"

Lester Stiles

Director of "Legacy of Leadership" company

Ben Sterchuk

Университет Нортвэст, преподаватель

Stephen Fairley

Liberty University President

Marshall Stevens

Strategic Capital Group President

Morgan Stoaks

Human Resources Manager of the Amplifer company

Walter Stoaks

CFO of the Amplifer company

John Sween

Washington State University, professor

Bonnie Tam

University of Waterloo, professor

Allen White

History teacher (Canada)

Barbara White

School education management consultant

An Un

PhD, Professor of Economics, Wheaton College

Lee Unkew

University of British Columbia, professor

Deborah Walton

The University of Texas in Arlington, professor

Joshua Waltz

Director of educational programs of the Parker Hills company

Carol Fergusson

Portland State University, professor

Fintan Dooley

Private law practice, lawyer

Louis Folts

PhD, Professor, University of Warner Pacific College

Gil Fritzler

Ball State University, professor

Angela Foo

Peace Corps Volunteer, professor

Kathleen Hyde

Certified English teacher

Laney Hunter

Founder of the "Real Estate Sale Houses and Rental Houses” company

Pamela Harlan

LeTourneau University Professor

Mark Harol

Executive Director of LLP Lighthouse Recruiting

Leslie Harra

George Fox University, professor

Gerry Helinja

Indiana Wesleyan University, professor

Graham Higgs

Canada College, professor

Rebecca Hobby

Sam Houston State University, professor

Bruce Howard

PhD, Professor of Economics, Wheaton College instructor

Hugh Hallman

Doctor of Law, University of Chicago, the founder of "Hallman and partners"

David Houghton

PhD, professor of the University of Northwest Nazarene

Alfred Zang

University of Waterloo (Canada), professor

Philip Chadwick

University of Cambridge (UK), English teacher

Christine Chandler

State University of Texas Southwestern, professor

Regina Schlee

Ohio Christian University, professor

William Evans

New Jersey Institute of Technology, professor

Cynthia Egglestone

University of Wisconsin, professor

Ed Poff

Manager of SIMA, coach

Bryan Young

Director of Education Corporation “Perry and Young"

Robert Young

Stanford University, professor

William Yant

PhD, Professor, Education Fund

Michael Yaskilka

PhD, Professor, College of New Hope





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