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KAFU Museum

Autumn 2012 the University opened the museum, named after Erezhep A. Mambetkaziyev. The event was dedicated to the anniversary of KAFU President and creator.

Each museum has its own face and unique image. Here you can find extensive information about KAFU`s history, its establishment, development, priorities, achievements, and founders, who initiated and successfully developed this project.  









 Separate exposition is about ideological inspirer, and KAFU creator – E. Mambetkaziyev. He initiated a number of innovations in education and science, successfully implemented in practice. These innovations include tests, training of intellectual elite on the “Bolashak” program, trilinguism, the “under-graduate – graduate – post-graduate” program at universities, regional universities etc. Erezhep Mambetkaziyev is one of the founders of national school of electrochemistry of coordination compounds. 

He wrote 740 research works, including monographs and textbooks. The most part of his books was reprinted in America, Europe, the Russian Federation, China, Mongolia and other countries. His enormous contribution to the intellectual development of the society was highly appreciated; he is awarded in Kazakhstan and other countries.
One of the most significant exhibits is the album about life and work of the President of KAFU.












Seat of honor belongs to the “President Corner” exposition, showing the visit of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan A. Nazarbayev to KAFU in the years of its establishment and first graduation.

In the center of exhibition is Stella, symbolizing partnership between two countries, two continents, two nations, joined by one project – creation of the private university of international partnership.

The “International Partnership” exposition tells about KAFU`s cooperation with the world`s leading universities and educational institutions. There are first agreements with foreign organizations, and official letters, rich collection of photos. Among the most valuable exhibits are: diplomas of graduates, certificates of international organizations, student`s record books, and    student`s cards.

The “Sporting Fame and KAFU Proud” exposition features sport awards, cups, and honorary letters of Masters of Sports of the International Category.
Museum represents student life very vividly. Students Development Center, joining different clubs, holds different events and contests. Center cooperates with youth and social   organizations. This creates creative environment for students self-actualization, promotes research work and sporting events.

University`s structural units has their own stands in the museum, showed educational work, history, achievements in science and training.  



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