Contest on the History of Kazakhstan and Basis of Law in KAFU

In February Department of Law and International Relations traditionally holds contest for creative and gifted students, who want to show their erudition in intellectual competition. February 26, 2015, the department held the contest on the history of Kazakhstan and basis of law among 10-11grade students. 74 students from the schools of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk participated in the event. 

The contest was dedicated to the anniversary dates of our country, i.e.  550 years of the Kazakh Khanate; 70 years of victory in the Great Patriotic War; 20 years of Constitution and Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The third session of the competition was based on these memorable events. Students checked their knowledge on history and main branches of law of the Republic of Kazakhstan: constitutional, administrative, civil, criminal.

Winners of the first session, who got the highest scores after the test, participated in the second session where they got counters in oral quiz on different themes.10 students from Schools # 45, 38, 34, 19, 10 were selected for the third session. Third session participants were given the task to correct mistakes, made on purpose, in the “Biys` Court in the Kazakh Conventional Law” show trial. 

The winner of the contest is 10-grade-student from School-Gymnasium # 38 Alyena Dyukova. She won 50% discount certificate for studying at KAFU.

11-grade-student from School-Gymnasium #2 Egizbayev Khanat got the second place and 40% discount certificate for studying at KAFU.

10-grade-student from School-Lyceum # 34 Mykhamadiyeva Kamila got the third place and the 30% discount certificate for studying at KAFU.

Students were interested not only in the contest, they also wanted to visit the university, its museum, court room, and participate in the demonstrative fingerprinting procedure.

Seminars were organized for teachers, accompanying their students; they had an opportunity to share their experience in implementation of modern teaching techniques in the humanities lessons. Tamara V. Barysheva noticed positive aspects of digital educational resources, implemented in the lessons of the History of Kazakhstan at school. Teacher from School-Gymnasium #10 Irina A. Plotnikovca told about opportunities of the JIPTO intellectual game implementation for development of students and teachers` creative abilities. Yelena Yu. Matskovskaya shared her experience in work with the Workbook on Religious Studies.   She placed special emphasis on applying, but still systematic nature of such school subject as Religious Studies which includes elements of Anthropology, Social Psychology, Sociology, and Ethnography.

All participants left positive feedbacks on the organization of the contest, thanked the management of the university for an opportunity to check knowledge, show creative abilities, and abide by the spirit of innovativeness and science of Kazakh American Free University.   

Head of Law and International Relations Department

Candidate of Law

Yu. A. Gavrilova