Contest on History and Basics of Law

February 26 Law and International Relations Department organized the contest for gifted students who wish to demonstrate erudition in the intellectual competition. The contest was held among the 10-11 grade students and brought together fifteen schools of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. Sixty students - participants showed deep knowledge of history and law of the Kazakh people and remarkable intelligence.

The contest was timed to the 25th anniversary of the State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Students have shown how important it is to know the history and development of the rights of their people in order to implement the basic postulates of the state law the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Students presented portraits of famous personas who have contributed to the history of the Kazakh people, working with historical sources to solve complex tests on modern and contemporary history of the Kazakh people.

Students were interested in not only intellectual tasks, but also the show trial, during which law students showed their future professional abilities, playing the roles of the prosecutor, the judge, the lawyer, the plaintiff and the respondent.

The largest number of competition points scored Aytkazy Abylai (school gymnasium №10), Bokenov Didar (secondary school №44). They received certificates with a 50% tuition discount in KAFU.

The second place was taken by Oralgalieva Alina (school №15) and Grechanik Kirill (lyceum school №34). They were awarded with 40% discount certificates.

The third place of honor and a 30% discount certificate received Mamyrbekov Nartai (secondary school №16) and Shmurygina Arina (school gymnasium №11).

The training seminar was organized for teachers, who accompanied the students during the contest. Teachers shared their experience in the field of innovative educational technologies in teaching humanitarian subjects. Tamara Barysheva (KAFU college teacher) paid attention to the reflection stage of the lesson, describing types, methods, examples of reflection during the History class. Elena Matskovskaya (Teacher, school gymnasium №10) discussed the issue of the logical thinking development during the social cycle classes, as a condition of formation of functional literacy.

All participants appreciated the course and results of the contest, expressed gratitude to the University Faculty and Administration for the opportunity to test their knowledge, be creative and get into the spirit of innovation and science in Kazakh American Free University.


Ph.D., Head of Law and

International Relations Department