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VII Regional Olympiad in Kazakh Language and Literature



On February 25, 2021, the Kazakh-American Free University held the"VII Olympiad in Kazakh Language and Literature" in a remote format.The Olympiad was attended by 173 students of 10-11 grades of Katon-Karagay, Kokpekty, Zharminsky, Beskaragaysky, Ayagozsky, Tarbagataysky, Zaisansky, Ulansky, Shemonaikhinsky, Kurchumsky districts, Ridder and Ust-Kamenogorsk cities.

Subject Olympiads are a way to find talented students, develop their creative potential and stimulate interest in science and knowledge. The main aim is to test knowledge, increase self-esteem and learn about admission to a prestigious university in East Kazakhstan.

The Olympiad was held on the platform of the remote portal of KAFU and consisted of 2 rounds. In the 1st round, the participants did test tasks on the subject, and the 2nd round involved speaking, the students ' knowledge of the Kazakh language and literature was tested.

According to the results of the distance Olympiad, the prizes were taken by:

Among the 10-graders:

Place Full name School

1 Meruyert Kuanysh Ulan region, K.Kaiseov settlement, «Secondary school named after R.Marsekov» Zhanibek Auganbay «Bozanbay secondary school», Ulan region

2 Ayagoz Zhenisbekkyzy «Secondary school named after Malik Gabdullin», Glubokoye region Dilnaz Azatkyzy «Secondary school named after Malik Gabdullin», Glubokoye region Dina Muratbek «Secondary school named after Malik Gabdullin», Glubokoye region

3 Gaukhar Adil «Bozanbay secondary school», Ulan region Zhansaya Soltangaliyeva "Secondary school named after Kassym Kaisenov", Tarbagatay region Balgyn Shayakhmetova «Secondary school named after Amangeldy», Kokpekty region Araylym Yerkynbekova Bezkaragay region, «Begen secondary school»

Among the 11-graders:

Место ФИО Школа

1 место Ayala Aydynkyzy East Kazakhstan, Zaisan, «Secondary school named after Y.Gagarin»

2 место Akmaral Abyzova East Kazakhstan, Zharminsky region, «Secondary school and kindergarten


3 Zharkynbek Sangar East Kazakhstan, Katon-Karagay region, «Kokbastau secondary school»

The prize fund of the VII Regional Distance Olympiad this year was:

1 place Grant from the President of the Kazakh-American Free University

2 place 50% tuition discount

3 place 40% tuition discount

We congratulate the winners and express our gratitude to the managers who prepared the participants of the Olympiad!

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