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Interview with Professor of Corvina University Zoltan Buzady



Only constant growth and development can give a modern person opportunities for personal and professional growth. Today it is no longer enough to be a person with a higher education - you need to constantly look for new ways for your own development and advancement. International experience and cooperation is KAFU's business card. Visits of foreign guests, teachers, professors from the CIS countries, Europe and the USA, holding international conferences, seminars and master classes are an important component of training not only for KAFU students, but for the entire teaching staff.
On July 01, 2021, Professor Zoltan Buzady, Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Leadership at Corvina University (Budapest), the author of cases and an innovator in the field of education, held a master class on the topic "Flow-Leadership & FLIGBY" for teachers, undergraduates, doctoral students and employees of the Kazakh-American free university.
We managed to talk with the professor after the end of the master class and ask him a few questions about his professional activities and views on the modern educational process.
We present to your attention an interview with Professor Zoltan Buzady. The interview was conducted by Milena Khalygova, filming and editing by Daria Ryabishchenko, Kirill Komnev, Igor Biryuchenko.

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