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Пленарная сессия международного научного конгресса «Современные вызовы и развитие образования в условиях новой реальности»



On November 09, 2021, a plenary session of the international scientific congress "Contemporary Challenges and Development of Education in the Conditions of New Reality" was held at the Kazakh-American Free University.
The paradigm of the modern national educational system involves the training of specialists who possess not only professional competencies, but also research skills, the ability to effectively apply theoretical knowledge in a real practical environment. This directs higher educational institutions to strengthen the emphasis on research work, to create an innovative research environment in universities.
The most important component of the international partnership model embodied in the activities of the Kazakh-American Free University is the willingness to share concepts, ideas, resources, experience in the name of achieving the quality of education of its higher school.
Within the framework of the plenary session, an appeal was made by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A.K. Aimagambetov to the President of KAFU Mambetkaziev E.A. with the words of congratulations on Teacher's Day and gratitude for the contribution to the development of education in sovereign Kazakhstan.
President of KAFU Erezhep Alkhairovich Mambetkaziev in his welcoming speech expressed gratitude to the participants of the international congress, wishing them success in scientific and educational activities, and also noted that in the process of globalization, it is education that becomes the main connecting link of full-scale international cooperation, its natural area. He also emphasized the role and place of our university in the educational services market, while noting that the Kazakh American Free University annually holds a number of events for the purpose of scientific and educational integration, positioning our university as a platform for the exchange of experience of the international scientific community.
The reports of the plenary session reflected the topical aspects of modern science and education. The speech of Daniel Ballast, Vice President of KAFU for International Programs and Cooperation, who joined the online plenary session, was devoted to the issues of education's recovery from the crisis associated with the coronavirus pandemic in the world.
The attention of those present was attracted by the reports of Gavrilova Y.A., Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Education of KAFU, and Tazhieva M.N., a doctoral student of the educational program "Jurisprudence", dedicated to the issues of UNESCO's international activities in the field of education and the legal aspects of international treaties in this area.
Continuing to talk about human capital from the point of view of the experience of international organizations and the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nepshina V.N., PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Business of KAFU presented her report.
Special attention should be paid to the report on the peculiarities of inclusive education, LM Zhalaushinova, representing the boarding school for children with disabilities, and the senior teacher of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of KAFU Sadanova Zh.K.
The preservation of culture and objects of intangible heritage, the study of languages ​​and world writing-the topic of the reports of the associate professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of KAFU Levina T.V. revealed the main features of learning English in various international fields.
The peculiarity of this plenary meeting, translating it into an unusual format, was that it was presented as a UNESCO meeting. The speakers represented different countries and organizations, and after each report the leading speaker was the vice-rector for scientific work and postgraduate education Gavrilova Yu.A. - proposed the introduction of certain recommendations into the draft resolution, for which the rapporteurs unanimously voted later. This format brought all the participants closer to familiarizing themselves with the real work of UNESCO, which is a rather important factor in understanding the directions of work of this organization.
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