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Open lesson for 1st year students of the educational program "International Relations"



On February 4, 2022, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Law and International Relations Tazhiyeva M.N., held an open lesson for 1st year students of the educational program "International Relations" in the discipline History of the country of the region of specialization (USA, Great Britain). The topic of the practical lesson is “Great Britain during the reign of the Tudor dynasty. Elizabeth . English bourgeois revolution.

Within the framework of the open lesson, the main issues were considered in the format of the presentation of projects of student groups on the following three topics:

1. Domestic and foreign policy of England in the 16th century and their influence on the formation of the modern state borders of England

2. English Revolution 1640-1660 and the formation of British Parliamentarism

3. The course and results of the "Glorious Revolution" in England and the formation of the foundations of the current economic and political situation in Great Britain

This form of work was chosen in order to ensure the interactivity of learning and the direct involvement of students in the process of collecting, analyzing and presenting information.

Preparation and protection of projects went in several stages. At the motivational and preparatory stage, each team developed and carried out a survey within the group in order to determine the relevance, content of the projects and the level of initial knowledge of students on each of the topics of future projects. The instructor's role was to assist with the formulation of the survey.

At the information-operational stage, teams were formed and projects were written. Basic information was collected and processed. Each team prepared additional presentation tools: a form for abstracts, tasks to consolidate information. The teacher's role was to coordinate, supervise and advise.

The assessment stage was carried out directly in an open practical lesson, in addition to the presentation itself, the teams prepared a form for a synopsis-scheme designed to help other students take notes during their presentations and form logical connections between historical events and the current stage of development of Great Britain. In addition to the summary, as a consolidation of information, the teams prepared test questions. The teams that expressed a desire to defend the project in English prepared a list of unfamiliar words and terms with translation, the consolidation of which was provided by short tasks to increase vocabulary.

 The practical lesson was held at a high methodological level.

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