Patrick Mitchel`s lecture

Patrick Mitchel, professor from Oregon, U.S., comes to Ust-Kamenogorsk every year and teaches in the Kazakh-American Free University in English.

Patrick Mitchel (PhD) worked many years for INTEL. Now he is the head of the «Co-Serve International» organization, dedicated to support and development of international education programs for KAFU. During the IV forum of young scientists Patrick gave the “Research as a Way of Life. My Life of Research” lecture for all comers.
According to Mr. Mitchel, research is not a project for some time, but that's probably a project for the whole life. We can always research something and we always can find something that we could actually improve.

- What I like about this lecture is that Mr. Mitchel showed the importance of science via his own life, says Elena Prokopyeva, third-year student. Patrick told us about his parents. His father left school when he was in the eighth grade. Despite this fact, he got a really good job, because he was pretty skilled and persistent person, he had a passion to his job and he felt that it was his calling. However three his children of four got Ph.D. degrees. Pat's mom was a secretary, who used a typewriter. She liked typing very much. She inspired Pat to create a keyboard for tablet to use ten fingers for typing. Then, Patrick took out the patent for this invention. Also I liked the rules of qualitative research: listen and watch, wonder, ask questions, just do it, with Intel inside.