State and Local Government

The field of management sciences, aimed at training specialists with a system of knowledge about economics and management, with management skills and economic forecasting.

Academic Degree: Bachelor of Business and Management

Code and name of the educational program: 6B04105 “State and Local Government”

Elective subjects:   

After high school: Mathematics, Geography          
After College: Basic Economics, Management

Form and duration of studying:       

Full-time (after school) – 4 years     
On the basis of TPE (after college) full-time, shortened – 3 years 
On the basis of HE (after university) full-time, shortened – 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The specialty “State and Local Government” is a field of knowledge and professional activity related to the organization and management of state and municipal bodies and institutions.

Students in this specialty study such disciplines as theory of state and law, theory and practice of state and municipal administration, organization and functioning of state and municipal institutions, finance and budgeting, sociology and political science, international law, etc.

The theory of state and law is concerned with the study of the foundations of the legal system and the theory of the state, political power and the legal regulation of social relations.

The theory and practice of state and municipal administration studies methods and technologies of state and municipal administration, as well as the development of effective management strategies.

Organization and Functioning of State and Municipal Institutions is concerned with the study of the legal foundations of state and municipal institutions, their structure and functions, and methods of evaluating their effectiveness.

Finance and Budgeting studies methods and techniques of budgeting, financial planning and control, and financial reporting and analysis.

Sociology and political science are concerned with the study of social and political processes in society, their causes and consequences, and the interaction of state agencies with society.

International law is the study of international relations and international law, as well as the legal regulation of the interaction of states in the international arena.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates in State and Local Government can work in a wide range of organizations, including: they can work in federal, regional, and municipal governments, such as regional, city, and district governments, in ministries and agencies responsible for various fields; in nonprofit organizations, such as charitable foundations, community organizations, social organizations; in commercial organizations engaged in consulting, project management, and service provision.

6B04105 State and Local Government