Results of the Regional Poster Contest

On December 13, 2022, the Regional Poster Contest “Kazakhstan: Past, Present, Future” dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the Kazakh-American Free University.

On December 16, all the people celebrate a public holiday – the Independence Day of our country. Independence is the main value for a person. It lies in freedom – freedom of action, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, etc. By understanding and supporting the special dates of our country, we form patriotism. The future of Kazakhstan is in our hands, and it is with patriotism that not only love for the country begins, but also the desire to make our country better. It is the past that helps to understand the present in order to build a great future.

That was the main message of the competition – to show your understanding of various aspects of history, visualize the chosen topic in a poster and defend your idea.

The competition was opened by the hostesses – Mokhichekhra Ziyadulloeva (2nd year student of the EP «Russian Language and Literature») and Ksenia Perelygina (1st year student of the EP «Russian Language and Literature»). First Vice-President Zhasulan Baikenov, as well as Natalia Nesterenko, Adviser to the KAFU Rector, Chairman of the jury, made a welcoming speech, wishing all the participants success and thanking them for participating in competitions and events of our university.

The results of the competition were summed up by the jury members – Yulia Novitskaya (Head of Foreign Languages Department) and Ardak Abdrakhmanova (Senior Lecturer of the Department of Law and International Relations, Master of History).

I place

Students’ Full Name Name of the Poster Supervisor’s Full NameEducational Institution 
1.Tomiris Muratkaliyeva The Foundation and Future of Kazakh CultureTolkyn Askarova Secondary school №49, Oskemen 
2.Nikita NechaevThe Army of Kazakhstan is a Reliable Stronghold of Independence (from Zhanibek and Kerey to the Present Day)Alexander Glukhov, Olga Borodina School-lyceum №1, Ridder
3.Anastasiya Surkova Voices of the Great Steppe. From Past to Future.Tatyana Ossipova Secondary school №7, Oskemen 

II place

Students’ Full Name Name of the Poster Supervisor’s Full NameEducational Institution 
1Eduard Petrov Material culture is the beauty of the art of the Kazakh peopleYelena Merkusheva Verkh-Uba comprehensive school, Verkh-Uba
2Alexandr SavinykhThe era of independence: see the past through the prism of the presentBauyrzhan Daribayev Secondary school №7, Altay
3Sofya Skuratova Sacred places of Katon-KaragaiOlga Tkacheva School-gymnasia №10, Ust-Kamenogorsk
4Vlada Solodyankina Path to the lightMadina Ramiyanova Higher IT College of Serikbayev EKTU, Oskemen

III place 

Students’ Full Name Name of the Poster Supervisor’s Full NameEducational Institution 
1Alina Begunova Modern Kazakhstan: a fair state. United nation. Prosperous Society
Kuralay Kabzolova, Gulshat Moldakhanova School-lyceum №11, Oskemen 
2Radmir Kadyrov Peacekeeping mission of KazakhstanBakhyt Sembayeva, Galina TamimdarovaComprehensive school №30, Oskemen 
3Yelizaveta Kolesnikova The past lives in us, but we are able to build the futureAndrey Leonenko Secondary school №24, Oskemen 
4Platon Mozgovoy Achievements of Kazakhstan Gulmira Azdarkhanova Private Busines-School «Brig», Oskemen
5Lidiya Parunina Proud of the past, looking forward to the future!Boris Vorobyev School-center of additional education №29, Oskemen 

Thank you for your participation and we wish you creative success!

Organizing Committee