Algorithm for checking into a hostel

Applications for a place in the dormitory are accepted until August 25.

A meeting of the competition commission to allocate places in the hostel, taking into account the grounds and priority, will take place on August 29.

Check-in to the dormitory takes place on August 31.

Students who cannot (for objective reasons) arrive for check-in on the specified day are required to agree on a different check-in date at the Student Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the SSC).


Step 1 – A student who wants to get a place in a dormitory must submit an application on the KAFU website

Step 2 – On the main page, you need to open the “Students” tab > “Dormitory” > “Submit an application”, fill in the required data and “Submit”. If the application is filled out incorrectly or insufficiently, the application may be rejected. Students who have a residence permit in Ust-Kamenogorsk are not provided with a place in the dormitory.


Upon receipt of an electronic notification confirming the provision of a place in the hostel, you must:

Step 1 – Prepare the necessary list of documents:

copy of ID
certificate from the place of study
certificate from the KAFU medical center about the epidemiological environment and a copy of the medical certificate form 075-U
photo 3*4 (1 pc.)
Step 2 – Contact the Central Educational Center (the main building of KAFU, Gorky St., 76) for directions to move into the dormitory.

Step 3 – With a set of documents and directions, go to the hostel at 160 Shәkarima Ave. and check in. From the moment of check-in, payment for accommodation begins. In case of failure to check-in, you must contact the central service center and submit a referral to stop charging payment for accommodation.

Step 4 – After the check-in order is issued, pay for your stay (at the KAFU cash desk, 76 Gorky St., room 103). The receipt of payment must be presented to the director of the hostel and an agreement on accommodation must be concluded.