About the University

Kazakh-American Free University is the first private university in international partnership with the United States, opened in 1994, which has a modern material and technical base, highly qualified teaching staff.

Kazakh-American Free University has a perpetual state license No. 0137478 dated November 23, 2010.

The university is among the first in the Republic: 

  • it received international specialized accreditation by the ACBSP organization (USA)
  • began training personnel with knowledge of the English language

The model of the university includes three programs: American and Kazakhstani. Within the framework of the American program, bachelors and masters in the field of management, law, information systems and a foreign language, masters, Ph.D. Education on the American program is conducted in English with the involvement of specialists from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

KAFU priorities:

  • Participation in the educational process of foreign partners – university professors from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Germany, experienced managers, lawyers, bankers, businessmen (more than 40 annually).
  • In-depth study of the English language (in direct contact with native speakers) and computer technology, as evidenced by two certificates (in addition to the diploma).
  • Industrial practice in the USA, which has no analogues among the universities of the republic.
  • The International Leadership Program, where future leaders of Kazakhstan undergo additional training under the mentorship of experienced educational leaders, prominent specialists from the USA and Europe, completing it with an internship at the Leadership Academy (Portland, Oregon) and obtaining a certificate.

There are 2 colleges in the structure of the university: the KAFU Higher College and the College of Economics and Finance. 6 buildings, including – 3 educational buildings, a gym, a hostel, a dormitory, an educational and production base “Sibiny”.

State educational grants, grants from the local budget, grants from the President of KAFU, grants from foreign partners.

Possibility of training at the military department.