Scientific projects

Currently, the research work at the university is carried out within the framework of 6 scientific projects. The subject of these ones includes the solution to the economic, technical, technological, social, educational, and legal issues of development of three language policy and other topical problems in the East Kazakhstan region and the Republic:

No.SubjectFULL NAME. headRegistration number in JSC NTSGNTEOpen
1Transformation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in modern realities: legal and historical-political aspectsAlembaev Kairat Oralkanovich, Doctor of Law, Associate ProfessorNo. 0123RKI036711/20/2023
Trends and prospects for the development of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of integration into the international educational spaceNabiev Ersain Akhmetvalievich, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician of MAINNo. 0123RKI036811/20/2023
Managing innovation processes in the digital economyNepshina Victoria Nikolaevna, PhDNo. 0123RKI036911/20/2023
Human psychology in the context of local and global processes of the modern worldFatima Velibekovna Iskenderova, PhD, Associate ProfessorNo. 0124RKD004902/20/2024
5Functional and pragmatic aspects of applied linguisticsKikina Marina Ivanovna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, associate professorNo. 0124RKD004802/20/2024