Double Diploma Education

The Kazakh-American Free University seeks to integrate with the world’s leading universities as well as to develop strong double-degree programmes.

These programmes allow students to get two separate degrees: one of our university and one of a partner university. The development and implementation of the double-degree programme is a testimony to the international recognition of the KAFU.

The principle of the double-degree programmes is that students complete some of their courses at their university, and the rest of them in a partner university, with credit acceptance in both. Generally, classes are held in Russian and/or English. Students pay tuition to the university they are studied at this time. The places for the double-degree educational programmes are usually limited and competitive.

Completion of the double-degree programme increases the work opportunities to students after graduation by giving them chances to work both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

KAFU currently offers the following double degree programs:

1. The Autonomous non-profit educational institution of higher education of the Russian Federation Center Union “Siberian University of Consumer Cooperatives” (Sib UCC)

Students who completed training in the specialties: 38.04.02 “Management” (Russian Federation) and 7M04102 “Management” (Republic of Kazakhstan), are awarded the degree of Master of Economics and Business and Master of Economic Sciences.

2. Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Altay State University” (FSBI “ASU”)

Students who completed training in educational programs 41.04.05 “International Relations” (Russian Federation) and 7M03102 “International Relations” (Republic of Kazakhstan) are awarded a master’s degree in International Relations and a Master of Social Sciences.

For further information contact:

Ilona Vladimirovna Bordianu – KAFU, Department of Business, M. Gorky St. 76, 401, phone: 8/7232 / 50-28-58

Yuliya Alexandrovna Gavrilova – KAFU, Department of Law and International Relations,

 M. Gorky St. 76, room 407, tel. 8/7232 / 50-28-39