Academic mobility

Academic mobility is the movement of students or teachers for a certain academic period to another educational or scientific institution for training, teaching, research or professional development.

KAFU’s international activities are aimed at implementing the principles of the Bologna Process, one of the key provisions of which is academic mobility of teachers and students.

Academic mobility of teaching staff and students is realized through cooperation programs with partner universities and international scholarship programs.

The Department of International Cooperation, through the faculties and relevant information resources of the university (website, social networks) containing the necessary information, informs students and teachers about international exchange programs.

The procedure and conditions for applicants’ participation in international exchange programs are the subject of specific agreements and agreements between partner universities.

To send applicants to study abroad, the university creates competition commissions that select applicants and determine the selection criteria for participation in international educational programs, taking into account the requirements of the host university/partner organization.

Academic mobility is funded by:

  1. Funds of the republican budget;
  2. Grants from national companies, social partners, international foundations;
  3. Funds of the host party, including grants from international organizations and private foundations;
  4. Personal funds of students.

Every year, within the framework of academic mobility, students of KAFU have the opportunity to study for one semester at leading universities in Europe, Asia and the USA.