Research activities

General information

All scientific research conducted by Kazakh-American Free University is focused, first of all, on improving the public status of Kazakh-American Free University, updating the content and structure of scientific and scientific-industrial research based on domestic traditions and modern experience, ensuring the multidimensionality and integration of research and scientific production processes.

Research work at Kazakh-American Free University is carried out through scientific projects, scientific conferences, scientific seminars, scientific circles, etc.

The main tasks of planning the research of KAFU

Innovative activity department, scientists’ efforts concentration, material and financial resources on solving scientific and production tasks, problems of priority areas development of fundamental and applied research in the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Attraction of investments to the organization and scientific research development in the field of resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies introduction, protection of a healthy lifestyle, problems of education, demography, language contacts.

Market scientific infrastructure elements formation and improvement at departments and in research laboratories.

Education and training of highly qualified personnel for the region and the republic.

Integration of university research teams with production, education system, scientific institutions, to preserve and grow the intellectual potential of the region and the republic.

Improving the efficiency of scientific research by accelerating the implementation of the results of completed scientific works, increasing the number of patents, copyright certificates and the sale of licenses for inventions.

Organization and holding of scientific events of the University

The main purpose of scientific events is to create conditions for the establishment and development of effective scientific cooperation and long-term partnerships between research teams of universities, between scientists from different countries. This task is achieved through the organization of special events in the form of conferences, seminars, round tables, master classes on economics, management, law, history, international relations, philology, psychology, pedagogy, ecology, mathematics, computer technology, linguistics.

International Forum of Young Scientists 

Modern scientific directions: from applied research to innovation” is held annually in spring.

The work of the Forum includes following areas:

  • Modern aspects of the Republic of Kazakhstan economy development.
  • Language issues and general problems of education.
  • Questions of pedagogy and psychology.
  • Questions of philology and methods of studying language disciplines.
  • Questions of pedagogy and teaching methods.
  • Topical issues of ecology, mathematics and computer science.
  • Mathematics and computer technology.
  • Economics and management issues, includes a subsection of postgraduate education.
  • Questions of foreign philology, includes a subsection of postgraduate education.
  • Issues of jurisprudence, includes a subsection of postgraduate education.

The Forum is held in Russian, English and state languages. The International Forum of Young Scientists number of participants exceeds 700 speakers and has a steady tendency to increase. Within the framework of the Forum, other scientific events are held aimed at developing students’ skills in research work.

International Scientific Congress

The International Scientific Congress for Scientists is held annually in autumn.

The work of the Congress includes following areas:

  • Issues of economics and management.
  • Current issues of law and history.
  • Topical issues of ecology, mathematics and computer technology.
  • Pedagogy and psychology: problems and prospects of development.
  • Issues of development of modern languages and teaching methods.

Master classes of domestic and foreign specialists, round tables on the problems of science and education, open guest lectures of foreign specialists are held on an ongoing basis within the framework of this event.

The total number of speakers averages 300 people and has a steady tendency to increase.

Regional round tables, scientific, scientific and methodological seminars

Regional round tables, scientific, scientific and methodological seminars for representatives of organizations, institutions, associations, schools of Ust-Kamenogorsk and East Kazakhstan region. The events are held by the departments of “Business”, “Law and International Relations”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Foreign Languages” in the following areas:

  • The Republic of Kazakhstan in the global legal and historical-political space;
  • problems of sacred geography in modern conditions;
  • integration of the educational and scientific process;
  • communicative methods of teaching various aspects of a foreign language.