School of Accelerated Educational Programs

School has been working since the establishment of the university. The school started as the office for Shortened Educational Programs, training students, based on higher or vocational education.  In 2006 the office was reorganized and the School of Part-Time and Distance Education was established. In 2006 School started training with the implementation of distance educational technologies. Distance education is based on the «Moodle» software, placed on KAFU`s web-site. School of Part-Time and Distance Education provides part-time, distance, shortened educational programs, based on higher and vocational education. Educational process is in Kazakh and Russian. Information about majors, time of education and academic degrees is in the table:

codeMajorAcademic degreeTime
on higher
on vocational
1.6В04105State and Local ManagementBachelor of  Business and Management2 years3 years
2.6В03201JournalismBachelor of  Social Sciences2 years3 years
 3.6В01703Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages (EnglishBachelor of Education2 years3 years
4.6В01704Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages (German)Bachelor of  Education2 years3 years
 5.6В06101Information SystemsBachelor of  Information and Communication Technologies2 years3 years
 6.6В01701Kazakh Language and LiteratureBachelor of Education2 years3 years
7.6В03101International relationsBachelor of Social Sciences2 years3 years
 8.6В04102ManagementBachelor of  Business and Management2 years3 years
 9.6В01402Law and Economy BasicsBachelor of Education2 years3 years
 10.6В01301Pedagogics and Methods of Primary EducationBachelor of Education2 years3 years
 11.6В02301Translation StudiesBachelor of  Linguistics2 years3 years
 12.6В03102PsychologyBachelor of  Social Sciences2 years3 years
 13.6В01702Russian Language and LiteratureBachelor of Education2 years3 years
 14.6В04202Customs AffairBachelor of Law2 years3 years
 15.6В11101TourismBachelor of  Hospitality Management 2 years3 years
 16.6В04103Accounting and AuditBachelor of  Business and Management2 years3 years
 17.6В01401Physical Education and SportBachelor of Education2 years3 years
 18.6В04104FinancesBachelor of  Business and Management2 years3 years
   19.6В04101EconomicsBachelor of Economics 2 years3 years
  20.6В04201JurisprudenceBachelor of Law2 years3 years
21.6В04106Public AuditingBachelor of  Business and Management2 years3 years
22.6В04107Online Sales ManagementBachelor of  Business and Management2 years3 years
23.6В04203International LawBachelor of  Law2 years3 years
24.6В06102Computing Techology and SoftwareBachelor of  Information and Communication Technologies2 years3 years
25.6В11102Catering and Hotel BusinessBachelor of  Hospitality Management 2 years3 years

Training is conducted on a contractual basis with full reimbursement for tuition, some students get state educational grants for education. Educational process is provided by KAFU`s faculty. Educational process is organized by the leading Methodists of the School: Meruert A. Sadibekova Altyn B.Sharypova. Students are trained according to the curriculums and educational programs; volume, and content meet requirements of Kazakhstan State Educational Standards. School pays great attention to the quality of education provided. Content and technologies of School`s work are dedicated to personal, creative, and professional growth of students. Students not only get fundamental and professional knowledge, but also cultivate abilities to self-development and co-work with other people.

Establishing an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust is the main principle in the training of our students; faculty of the University takes into account the specifics of the students body. Faculty of KAFU is experienced professionals with great practical experience. School`s Methodical work includes the preparation and publication of training manuals, guidelines and recommendations developed by the university teachers. Course instructional support packs on paper and their e-versions are in the library of the University, so students can use them to do extracurricular work, and researches for the diploma thesis. Diploma theses prepared by graduates are of applied nature and their results are implemented in practice. That is an evidence of the high level of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in their chosen professions, and the ability to make decisions in a rapidly changing environment. Graduates of the faculty who have successfully mastered the educational programs of higher education, and showed the tendency to scientific activities, have the opportunity to do Master degrees.