Application submission

Applications for a place in the hostel are accepted until August 25.

The meeting of the competition commission on the allocation of places in the dormitory, taking into account the grounds and the order, will be held on August 27.

Check-in to the hostel is carried out on August 31.

Students who cannot (for objective reasons) arrive for check-in on the specified day are required to agree on a different check-in date at the Student Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the DSP).

The algorithm of settling into the hostel

Upon receipt of an electronic notification of the provision of a place in the hostel, it is necessary:

Step 1

Prepare the necessary list of documents:

  • a copy of the identity card (birth certificate with IIN)
  • photo 3*4 (1 pc.)
  • admission about the epidemiological environment (get a CASH register at the medical center)
  • certificate from the place of study

Step 2

Contact the DSP (the main building of the CASU, 76 Gorky str., office 119) with a set of documents. Make an application and get a referral to check into a hostel.

Step 3

Check into the hostel (160 Shakarim Ave.) and sign a contract for accommodation in the hostel within a week.

Step 4

Within 5 working days after the release of the order to check into the hostel, make payment for accommodation (16,000 tenge per month, 8,000 tenge for grant students). Payment can be made at the checkout counter. The receipt of payment must be provided to the director of the hostel.