Foreign Languages Department

The department implements training of following majors:  “Translation Studies”,  “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” (English), “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” (German), preparation of postgraduates is implemented on majors  ” Foreign languages: two foreign languages”  “Translation Studies”.

Foreign Languages Department has 15 full-time teachers. Teachers’ average age is 39 years. All teachers of the department have Master’s degree, deep knowledge in the field of foreign language teaching, extensive experience in cross-cultural communication, constantly working to improve their professional level. Each year, 100% of teachers complete in-service teacher training. Main forms of training are the following: participation in language seminars of Goethe Institute, participation in seminars and trainings at KAFU, courses at KazUIR & WL (Almaty) and the Republican Institute for Development of Leading and Research-Pedagogical Staff of Education System of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Orleu”, internships at universities in the United States.

Students of “Foreign Languages” and “Translation Studies” are trained on work training programs that meet the requirements of modern educational market. Students majoring in”Translation Studies” introduced to learning paths which allow them to receive specialization in translation and interpretation; students of “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” introduced to learning paths that allow them to obtain a specialization in foreign language teaching child / adult audience.

Students majoring in  “Foreign languages: two foreign languages” and “Translation Studies” use authentic teaching materials based on methodology of communicative approach in teaching foreign languages. All students of linguistic specialties study two foreign languages. As the main foreign language they study English and German and as second foreign language students can choose German, Spanish, French or Turkish.

«Lingua» student scientific circle operates as part of the department. The work is conducted in close cooperation with scientific and organizational department, Foreign Languages Department, university student center. There is a specially equipped room, assigned to Foreign Languages Department. Language laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and meets all requirements of the process of foreign languages learning. There are available computers equipped with the necessary equipment for language laboratory: headphones, microphones, etc. Installed software allows teachers to expand methodological range and provide students with the most advanced materials available in the public domain.

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