Law and International Relations Department

The Department of «Law and International Relations» provides training for the following educational programs:

1. Undergraduate:

  • Jurisprudence (Law);
  • Law and Legal Enforcement;
  • Law and Customs Affairs;
  • International relationships.

2. Master’s degree:

  • Jurisprudence (Law);
  • International relationships.

3. Doctorate:

Jurisprudence (Law).

The department hires highly professional faculty holding degrees of Candidates of Science, Doctor or PhD. Faculty of the Department regularly participate in intercollegiate, regional and international conferences and events, take professional training courses in KAFU and other research and professional educational institutions.

Faculty employment is carried out with consideration of research interests, level of teacher training and the amount of professional experience.
Best teaching practices are regularly discussed at faculty meetings. Young teachers are assigned to the skilled supervisors – the leading teachers with extensive practical and pedagogical experience.

Department faculty organize different student events: the Olympiads, conferences, round table discussions, competitions of student projects.

As part of the research work of students at the department, scientific student circles “Civilist”, “Customs Officer”, “Internationalist” are successfully functioning. There is a student legal clinic “Femida”, which is not only a place for students to have an internship, but also an institution that provides free legal assistance to the population.