City Competition Dedicated to the Work of Mukhtar Shakhanov

On March 15, 2024, the Kazakh-American Free University held a city competition “Korkemsөz oku Sheberleri”, dedicated to the work of Mukhtar Shakhanov. College students from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk took part in the competition.

Purpose of the competition: the event was dedicated to the work of the people’s writer and poet of Kazakhstan, public figure Mukhtar Shakhanov.

The objective of the competition is to promote fiction, the creative heritage of Kazakh writers, strengthen the unity of the country and cultivate a sense of patriotism, increase interest in Kazakh national culture and art, literature and language, develop a reading culture among young people.

Competition evaluation: when evaluating the performance of the contestants, the jury focused on their ability to read a literary text, manner of voice and purity of language, taste in the selection of text, stage performance, image and complete and correct answer to the question.

Prizes based on the results of the competition:

Place Full Name The Name of the Educational Institution 
1Aisulu Kabyshova Abai East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College 
2Nazdana Bekzhanova Abai East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College
Kausar Aidynkyzy Abai East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College
3Aizere Borantaykyzy Abai East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College
Aldiyar Zhamelov Abai East Kazakhstan Humanitarian College
Nuray Kurmanbek Higher College of KAFU 

We congratulate the winners and thank their supervisors who trained talented youth who will become the future of the country!

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology