Day 1C: Careers

On November 21, 2023, 3-4 year students of the EPs “Accounting and Audit”, “Finance”, and “Information Systems” of the Business Department took part in the annual event “Day 1C: Careers 2023”.

Day 1C: Careers is a great opportunity to start your career in the field of information technology. Today, the 1C industry provides an opportunity to do interesting things and solve various management and accounting problems using the advanced, constantly developing 1C program system. Young specialists get a unique opportunity to quickly gain useful experience, prove themselves in real business, and, within a few years, achieve significant and professional career growth.

Having attended Day 1C: Careers, the students:

– learned how to work in 1C: Franchisee;

– got acquainted with the olympiads and competitions for diploma projects in 1C;

– defined “clear goals” for themselves to achieve success;

– learned how to present yourself correctly at an interview;

– received information about current and future vacancies, including those with flexible work schedules.

We took part in a master class on the rapidly developing industry of business process automation using the 1C: Enterprise platform.

Students actively interacted with industry representatives, immersing themselves in an atmosphere of professional growth. Reports and master classes allowed them to deepen their knowledge of the opportunities that 1C provides to students and graduates of universities, as well as gain valuable experience in the field of information technology and accounting. Our students actively communicated with the experts, discussed career prospects, and applied the acquired skills in practice.

After the event, the students received certificates of participation.

Business Department