American Program

The Kazakh-American Free University offers training in the American Track in the following educational programs:

6В01703Foreign language: two foreign languages
6В02301Translation studies
6B06101Computer Science
6В03101International Relations
6В02302English Language and Literature and Professional Communication

The content and organization of training in the American track reflect the main priorities of the development of the university and provide its graduates with a competitive advantage in the labor market.

The competitiveness of KAFU graduates is achieved through implementation of the following priorities:

 – Intensive study of the English language (in direct contact with its native speakers). Curricula of educational programs offer up to 11 contact hours of English per week already in the first year of studies.

– Participation in the educational process of foreign partners – university professors from the USA, Canada, European countries, experienced lawyers, managers, businessmen.

– Obtaining additional professional qualifications (minor)

– Opportunity for having professional internship in the USA, which is unmatched in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Holders of university scholarships received on a competitive basis are admitted to internship programs in manufacturing companies, banks, firms, and small businesses in the United States.

– Opportunity of obtaining micro qualifications from universities in the US and the UK.

– Opportunity to participate in the “International Leadership” program, which involves additional training in English under the mentorship of experienced education leaders, successful entrepreneurs from the USA, Europe, culminating in training and practice at the Leadership Academy (Portland, Oregon, USA) and obtaining a certificate.