Young teacher school

“Young Teacher School” resumed its work in Kazakh American Free University. Classes are designed to help young teachers of the University to study various aspects of methodical, scientific and educational work at the university.

More experienced teachers provide training and methodological assistance to young teachers in mastering teaching skills and professional qualities.

The work plan for “Young Teacher School ” for 2016-2017 academic year includes 10 sessions in the form of workshops, lectures, seminars and round tables. Students discuss basic techniques of teaching at the university, as well as practical situations faced by teachers as part of the educational process, share their experience of applying various methods of activating students’ intellectual performance.


Young Teacher School

2016-2017 academic year 

TopicEvent TypeExecutorTimeline
1Teaching in University and LeadershipTrainingM. Christensen, PhD, Chairman,Board of Trustees, KAFUOctober, 2016
2Forms and Types of Classes: TheirFeatures in UniversityLectureG. Menzyuk, PhD in Law,professorNovember, 2017
3Modern teaching methods in the UniversitySeminarА.Nurlanova, PhD, associateрrofessorDecember, 2016
4Application of modern methods ofeducation during employments ininstitution of higher learningExamplary practicumG. Yedilbayeva, head teacherDecember, 2016
5Modern Trends in Teaching Ethics inUniversityLectureN.Shefer, PhD in Pedagogy,professorJanuary, 2017
6Dialogue as New Paradigm in EducationSystemLectureN. Lyapunova, head teacherJanuary, 2017
7Psychological Aspects of Formation ofPedagogical CompetenceTrainingY.Vdovina, head teacherFebruary, 2017
8Organization of Individual Work ofStudents  SeminarA.Abdrakhmanova, head teacherMarch, 2017
9Activization Methods of Cognitive Activityof StudentsRound TableF. Iskenderova, PhD, assossiateprofessor, Zh, Sadanova, headteacher April, 2017 
10Use of Modern Information Technologiesin Educational ProcessLectureY.Novitskaya, M.Ed.May, 2017
занятие в школе молодых преподавателей
занятие в школе молодых преподавателей
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