Great Start to the New School Year

Only one month of the new school year has passed, and how many different events have already happened! September at KAFU is always eventful and this year is no exception. Our foreign partners visited the university and, as always, took an active part in the educational process.

For example, the Professor at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Technical University of Applied Sciences, Kai Nobach (Nuremberg, Germany) gave a series of guest lectures on the education of Germany for students of EP 7M01702, 6B01703 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, 7M02302, 6B02301 “Translation Studies” and 7M02304 “Foreign Philology” , and representatives of the educational organization “Co-Serve International” Veronica McKay and James Simons (USA) took part in conducting practical classes in English and interpreting sessions.

The students of the EP “Translation Studies” had the opportunity to practice their translation skills and feel like real translators, and students of the EP 6B01703 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” were able to practice their communication skills with native speakers!

Department of Foreign Languages