Guest Lectures by KAFU Associate Professor at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg

The visit of the KAFU delegation to the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg (Germany) from November 6 to 10, 2023 was full of important events for the new partnership. For example, the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, Yulia V. Novitskaya, gave a guest lecture on the topic “Decision Making in Groups” for undergraduate students within the framework of the “Applied Leadership” discipline, where she shared her personal and work experience in management and decision making.

The lesson was structured in the form of a role-playing simulation game, after which the advantages and disadvantages of working in groups were discussed, the theoretical aspects of group dynamics and types of leadership when working in groups were considered. In addition, Yuliya V. Novitskaya gave a guest lecture in the discipline “Diversity Management” for master’s students. During the lesson, issues of cultural diversity in Kazakhstan and practical aspects of diversity management (gender, age, ethnic, etc.) were discussed.

German students listened with great interest to information about how problems related to the personal diversity of the organization’s personnel are solved in practice and asked questions. The high involvement of master’s students demonstrated their interest in the topic in general and in KAFU and Kazakhstan in particular.

Department of Foreign Languages