Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is one of the forms of collegial management at the university, acting on the principles of voluntariness, equality, publicity and collegiality.

Mission of the Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees is created in order to promote the effective functioning and development of the University, to increase the role of KAFU in the socio-political life of Kazakhstan as an educational, scientific and cultural center of international level. The Board of Trustees acts as a public advisory body, participates in solving issues of prospective development of the university.

The Board of Trustees organizes its work on the basis of an approved plan developed for the corresponding academic year.

The Board of Trustees is elected for a term of 1 year and consists of an odd number of members.

The Board of Trustees may include representatives of law enforcement agencies, executive authorities, mass media, public associations and associations, enterprises, organizations and institutions, regardless of ownership, including foreign ones, alumni associations, parents of university students.

Changes may be made to its composition as necessary. Meetings of the Academic Council are held at least once every two months.

The Board of Trustees is headed by Marshall Christensen, President of the educational organization “Co–Serve International”.

Members of the Board of Trustees:

Gennady N. Pussep -Director of the Public Foundation of Honorary Citizens of Ust-Kamenogorsk “My City”;

Labukov Mikhail Semenovich – Director of UKZMK-Imstalcon LLP;

Hugh L. Hollman – Partner of Berry Riddell LLC, former Mayor of Tempe, Arizona;

Fazylov Said Ismailovich – Director of the studio “Real Time”;

Chakpantaev Kairat Muratovich – Chairman of the Judicial Board for Criminal Cases of the East Kazakhstan Regional Court;

Biryuchenko Sergey Alekseevich – Director of ZPDM LLP “Kazzinc”;

Mozulyako Tatiana Aleksandrovna LLP – “Kazzinc” “SAiTK.

The order of work of the Board of Trustees:

The decisions of the Board of Trustees are adopted by an open vote by a majority of the votes of the members of the Board of Trustees present at the meeting.