Intellectual-Legal Quiz “Not All the Philosophers Wear Beards”

On November 17, 2022, the intellectual-legal quiz “Not All the Philosophers Wear Beards” was held among students of educational programs of the Department of Law and International Relations. This event was dedicated to the International Students’ Day.

The quiz was attended by 2nd year students («Adrenaline» team), 3rd year students («Honor» team) and 4th year students («Dopamine» team).

The game consisted of two rounds. In the first round, the students had to submit a team name and motto. In the second round, students were offered questions of different levels from various areas of law.

In a tense struggle, the team of 3rd year-students won. The second place was given to the team of 2nd year-students. The third place was for the 4th year-students.

There were also winners in separate categories:

  • “Team Leader” – Victoria Kuznetsova (2nd year);
  • “Most Valuable Player” – Arman Ualkhan (2nd year);
  • “The Most Active Player” – Kamilla Skakova (2nd year);
  • “The Most Resourceful Player” – Alikhan Serikov (3rd year);
  • “Granite of Science” – Ildar Gabdullin (4th year).

Congratulations to the winners! Happy holiday to all students!

Department of Law and International Relations