International Relations

An academic degree aimed at an in-depth study of international relations, the dynamics of the world economy and politics, aspects of negotiation along with knowledge of pedagogy.

Academic Degree:

Master of Social Sciences

Code and name of the educational program:    

7M03102 “International Relations”

Core subjects:        

Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Diplomatic and Consular Service

Form of study and duration of study:    

Scientific and pedagogical master’s degree: 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The major “International Relations” is designed for students who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of international politics, world events and the global economy.

As part of the program, students study the theory and methods of analysis of international relations, political economy, international law, global problems and conflicts. They also study the history of international relations and world politics in order to understand contemporary global challenges and issues.

The program also includes the study of cultural and linguistic aspects of international relations, which helps students to better understand the world’s cultural differences and work with international organizations and teams.

Students of the MA in International Relations also study various research methods in the field of international relations and politics, such as qualification analysis, survey and data collection methods, text analysis, etc. They can also participate in practical sessions that help them develop skills in international negotiations, diplomacy and intercultural communication.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the program can apply their knowledge and skills in various fields, including work in government agencies, international organizations, international companies, the media and non-profit organizations. They can also continue their studies and earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in international relations, politics or economics.