«Lyuty» Theatrical Play

On April 11, 2023, the premiere of the repertoire performance of the Akmola Regional Drama Theater took place in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Western «Lyuty» (“Fierce”) directed by Timur Kulov and based on the story of Mukhtar Auezov –  was the artistic vision of one of the most amazing works of the Kazakh classic. Students, undergraduates and teachers of KAFU EP «Russian Language and Literature» and «Journalism» attended the performance.

– So sorry for the wolf cubs, – says Daria Ryabischenko, a student of the EP «Journalism». – And the whole performance kept the audience in such colossal tension. This production is super, and there are no more words.

“I cried so much, especially when I watched the actress play,” Amalia Bubnova, a student of «The Russian Language and Literature» program, shares her impressions. – I only followed her game, which shocked me completely.

– It happens like this: actors, music, costumes, plot – everything came together. An amazing performance, I want to see such a spectacle again, – the opinion of Inessa Demyanova, a student of «The Russian language and literature» program. – No wonder they won several times in their professional competitions.

«Lyuty» play, which won the Best Regional Performance nomination last theater season, undoubtedly deserves much more recognition. We thank the administration of the theater for the amazing performance, and we wish the team of the Akmola Regional Drama Theater success in the future and recognition on the world stage!

Center for Public Relations