Motivational Training 

On November 17, 2023, for 4th-year students of the EP “Psychology”, together with the Senior Lecturer of the department of Pedagogy and Psychology Elizaveta T. Katanova, conducted a training on the topic of increasing motivation.

The participants were provided with carefully designed material focused on the questions “What is motivation?”, “What is it for?” and “What role does it play in a person’s life?” Particular attention was paid to a current topic – increasing motivation to learn, a widespread problem among students and society as a whole.

One of the key moments of the training was the practical part, including group and individual psychological exercises. The students were involved in an active interaction, which contributed to the formation of a friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding in the group.

The active participation of students in the exercises brought a boost of energy and also significantly increased their motivation. They not only became acquainted with the value of motivation in a person’s life but also realized its importance for successfully overcoming life situations.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology